I-95N Warning to Seat Belt Criminals

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Articles
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If you travel along I-95N, you should be aware that Maryland has made not wearing seat belts a primary offense. This law was passed on October 1st, 2013. Because it is now a primary offense, policemen can look into your car for the sole purpose of catching the driver or any passenger who is not wearing a seat belt.

This has nothing to do with whether or not you think wearing seat belts is a good idea or not. It has to do with how police are out raising revenue for the state instead of doing what policemen are supposed to do – catching real criminals. You know, the ones who commit murder, theft, assault, etc. Can anyone name one person who has said, “Oh my gosh! That man wasn’t wearing his seat belt and I was afraid for my life! The police really need to do something about people like him!” Instead, a lot of people would love for the police to make their presence felt in more dangerous neighborhoods so that innocent people could live normal and hopefully safe lives.

A few days ago, we saw a Maryland state trooper standing on the median right before the $8.00 toll staring into everyone’s cars. We did not know why at the time. After we paid for permission to drive on the road, we saw 3-4 cars pulled over by another state trooper. We’re pretty sure that the state trooper was standing on the median to report on seat belt criminals so that his fellow state troopers could pull the dangerous citizens from the road.

And while we are on the subject of state troopers doing silly things, whenever there is construction on I-95, there is at least 1 state trooper sitting in his vehicle, lights a-flaring. Why do they have a policeman sitting on the side of the highway? It doesn’t seem like he is doing anything. There is no danger, and people can easily see the construction. With all the lights they have going on I-95 sometimes, they must be able to see them in the next state. Construction workers set up numerous lights, arrows (the big, blinking, lighted kind), cones, barrels, etc. all over the place, but apparently, that is not enough. We need our trusted and paid-for policemen to sit in their police cars blinking their blinding police car lights along with all the rest of the mayhem.

According to our parents, policemen used to be heroes. They were looked up to and respected because they were helpful, friendly, and they did their job. They were good examples for everyone to follow and they were genuinely good people. They also arrested actual criminals. They were the good guys who caught the bad guys. Every boy wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. Now it seems like too many policemen are nothing more than tax collectors. Rather than going after real criminals, they are doing things like standing in medians peering into people’s cars, making sure that seat belts are firmly strapped on. Or they are sitting on the side of the highway, blinking their lights, even while lights are already a-blinking. Neither of these actions are worthy of pay. At least that’s what John and I think. And what boy today would aspire to be this kind of policeman?

by Dink

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