Ice Road Truckers, The Show

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is a show on the History website called Ice Road Truckers (it is also on TV, but since we don’t have TV, we watched on the internet). In case you can’t guess from the name of the show, it is about . . . yes, you guessed it – people driving trucks on ice roads. They drive their trucks on ice roads in Alaska and Canada. If you have never seen Ice Road Truckers, we aren’t surprised. Why in the world would anyone watch this show? We watched it a few times because we wanted to see what the show was like.Iceroadtruckerslogo

We knew from the name of the show that it was about truckers driving, but we also thought that maybe there might be a little variation or something. There isn’t. The show is about people driving around in 18-wheelers on icy roads. It has a very epic intro and dramatic music plays while the truckers drive along in the cold, but the show really isn’t that exciting. We don’t like it very much. Now here is an amazing thing: the show is in the middle of its 7th season! That means that it has been going for 6 years straight! I can’t believe it has been around for that long!

While it is interesting to know some of the hazards and details of truckers’ lives and work on the ice roads, it does not seem like it would be possible to maintain such a show for more than a year. We finally realized how dumb the show was during the middle of an episode. A man was driving down a road when all of a sudden he started having problems with his steering wheel. Tense music played while we were shown close-ups of his hands on the steering wheel and his knitted brows. Then there was a commercial break to keep us holding our breaths in suspense. Would he be able to continue driving? Would the steering wheel break? What was going to happen?!? That was when we decided that we didn’t like Ice Road Truckers.

This is just what we think. If you want to watch and see if you think Ice Road Truckers is a good show, here is a link: History.

  1. Libby says:

    It’s shown over here in the UK too – after a couple of episodes I found it rather boring. I don’t bother watching any more.

  2. There are so many shows out there these days that you really wonder what they were thinking making a show about that and who would watch it. Yet more and more of those shows keep popping up. I saw one advertised about pig hunters….

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