WWII Veterans Stick it to The Man

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Articles

Sometimes John and I think that old people can’t do very much. We are respectful of old people, but sometimes it seems like they just sit around and don’t do anything.

Well, we just saw how great at least some old people are.  A group of WWII veterans ignored federal commands that all national parks/monuments are closed because of the government “shut down” (we read that 80+% of federal workers are still going on as usual). These feisty WWII vets went to visit the WWII memorial yesterday and today and are also going to the Lincoln Memorial which is closed as well. The federal government had barricades erected around both monuments – and who knows what others – for no reason at all except to make people think that because the government “shut down”, their lives are going to be affected in a negative way.  Seriously, we don’t need our government in order to walk to a monument. These veterans did something GREAT. They moved the barricades. They ignored federal orders.

We are so proud of these men! We salute them!

Bike Riders Stick it to The Man

~John and Dink

  1. Libby says:

    Good for them. People power!

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