Solar Trash Compactors

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Articles
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In some ways, modern technology is not necessarily a good thing. Most popular modern technology, while it does seem amazing, is actually harmful. For instance, cell phones are damaging to people. Cell towers are also very harmful. These towers are constantly putting out powerful microwave radiation and if you live in a place where you can make a call on your cell phone, you are being saturated with radiation. Studies have been run showing that GMOs cause cancer. It is easy to say that the world is not changing for the better when popular modern technology is harmful.

However, today we ran across a solar trash can in Philadelphia. These trash cans use energy from the sun to compact the trash, making it possible to store more trash before it can needs to be emptied. This reduces the cost of fuel for garbage trucks. John and I thought that this was a great use of solar power. If trash cans are going to just be sitting in one spot all day, they may as well be collecting energy from the sun and using it to reduce fuel costs.

We actually have a solar panel in our garage that we haven’t used for awhile. We used to put it out in our back yard and let it collect energy from the sun. The energy would be conducted through a wire and stored in a battery inside our house. It worked pretty well, but I remember that it did not produce quite enough energy to be very useful. If we had even one more panel, it would make a big difference.

On our street, there is a house where the roof is literally covered in solar panels. I’m sure that they get a lot of energy from the panels and probably enough to power their entire house.

Good inventions are still being made, but oftentimes they are not recognized as much as more popular technology. Technology changes the world. There is harmful technology being developed. On the other hand, there is also good technology like solar cells that is being developed.

by Dink

By the way, since those solar trash cans don’t need to be emptied as often, they smell really bad. It was hard to stand next to one even for the short amount of time it took to snap a couple of pictures!

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