Homegrown Carrots

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Yard and Garden
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Well, our garden is done now. It got really overgrown in the last few weeks, making it hard to get into. This year our zucchini crop was a big failure. We usually have so much zucchini that we can’t use it all and we have to start finding people with whom to share it. Not so this year, unfortunately. There must have been something wrong with the soil under it, because all the zucchini plants died a few weeks after coming up. We planted another set of zucchini, but they didn’t do much better. The only plants that did really well were the corn and the tomatoes. And I suppose you could say our carrots did alright.

Just a few days ago, we pulled up our carrots to see how they did. They’re a bit misshapen, but they don’t really look bad. HomegrownCarrotsThe reason they are shaped a little oddly is because they were grown in rocky clay soil. If you grow carrots in rocky clay soil (like our garden), then the roots have to grow around all of the rocks, making them very misshapen.

Oh well, even thought these carrots don’t look as great as the store-bought ones, I’m sure they’ll still taste good. By the way, if you’re a fan of good looking carrots and you’re planning to plant some, don’t grow them in rocky clay soil!

by John

  1. It’s not how they look that matters. Look at organic vs regular produce in the supermarket. The regular ones usually look better, but the organics are better for you.

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