Hawkkey Davis Channel

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Articles
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We don’t really watch a lot of YouTube videos, but one of our favorite channels is the Hawkkey Davis Channel. He puts up videos of extreme natural disasters, such as sinkholes, tornadoes, flash floods, big fish kills, and in one of his most recent videos, he had a huge wave of fog rolling down a hillside. He also puts up videos of UFOs and other alien sightings, but I’m not very interested in those.

The channel is called “Signs of Change” and a video of extreme weather from around the world is put up about twice a month. Our town has never been featured in any of the videos and we hope it never will be.

If you’re interested in watching these videos, here is a link to his channel: Hawkkey Davis Channel. They’re pretty amazing, and we hope you like them.

by John

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