Vacationing in Chincoteague, Virginia

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Articles
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Last week, we drove out to Chincoteague Island, Virginia, for our vacation. The actual beach is on Assateague Island, but it is a natural beach for 10 miles, so we stay at a place called Dove Winds in Chincoteague. Our family has been going to Chincoteague Island and staying at Dove Winds for 2 decades – since before Dink & I were even born.

Dove Winds is a vacation rental place with townhouses and three larger houses. It has an indoor heated pool, which we swim in a lot, and it is very close to the beach. It can be as little as ten minutes to the beach by bike and there just so happens to be a bike rental place right across the street.

We stayed in one of their nicest houses which is called “The Bradley House”. It’s on a very peaceful dirt road as there are only a few houses close by. The house is next to some landlocked backwater, and the owners of the house provide two canoes and three paddles for your enjoyment. They have two TV’s in the house, cable and DVD player included.

You can also shop on this island as there are plenty of tourist stores around. Two of our favorite shops are Pony Tails and The Brandt. Pony Tails has an awesome candy selection and The Brandt has more tourist-like items such as t-shirts. We also love to go to Mr. Whippy and Island Creamery for ice cream. Groceries can be purchased from a place called Fresh Pride.

Anyway, back to Pony Tails. This place sells a lot of things, like souvenirs, gifts, and candy.004 A lot of candy. They sell taffy, and fudge, and other things, like licorice and chocolate covered raisins. We like to get taffy from them every year, and we got some pictures of it. Besides shopping and going to the beach, one of our favorite activities is bike riding.

There are a lot of trails on Assateague Island, including the Black Duck trail and the Wildlife Loop, and we like to go bike riding on them because they are closed to cars (the Wildlife Loop only has cars after 3:00pm). I got some pictures of the Black Duck trail and the Wildlife loop, if you’re interested in looking at them. All in all, this place is very nice. I like the pool and the beach, but the best part is probably being able to relax and not really do anything. Since we don’t do that very much in the school year, it’s very fun.

This year, the biting flies were pretty bad on the beach because the wind was coming off the land instead of off the ocean. For two days, we had to stay in the ocean and then leave promptly because there were so many flies. On the 3rd day, the wind really kicked up and chased the flies back to the woods, but it was so windy, it was like a sand storm and the sand hitting our legs stung a lot. We had to stay in the ocean again and then we tried to shield ourselves from the onslaught of sand but finally had to admit defeat. We left and went to the pool to swim instead.

Anyway, I got some pictures of the trails, and Dink got some pictures of the beach. I also filmed and got pictures underwater, and I think those are pretty cool. Hope you like the pictures and if you are looking for a great beach to relax on, give Assateague Island a try!

by John

  1. adventures says:

    Chincoteague Island is my favorite vacation spot. You are blessed to only have a 4 hour trip to get there! It’s a 12 1/2 hour trip for us, but we go every year πŸ™‚

  2. Libby says:

    Great photos. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  3. julespaige says:

    We actually stopped by that area while we were near our shore vacation (the Maryland side). We stopped at one of the information stations, but didn’t go on the beach there as there was a charge. That’s where we saw one of the Park Rangers spinning wool to weave. She also had a board display with natural dyes. The animal hair (I forget now if it was goat or sheep, probably sheep) was from an animal – the hereditary line going back several generations. We watched a short film about the horses, the domesticated ones that the fire department keeps tabs on and the wild heard there too.

    Nice photos!

    • The funny thing about the wild ponies is that they are pretty ugly. Their bellies are very big. Someone told us it’s because they drink the brackish water. Maybe if you go again, you can avoid the charge by walking or riding a bike (?). There’s a charge in Virginia too, but only if you are in a vehicle. Glad you thought the photos were nice. Let us know when you get your luna moth up πŸ™‚

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