On the History website, they have an additional series that comes after the Swamp People season called “After the Hunt.” “After the Hunt” is basically short clips of random activities that the swampers partake in. For instance, they showed Troy making a deer stand, and they show Junior and Theresa hunting gar fish. Those videos were good, but we especially liked it when they showed Bruce making what he calls a “fatty.” This recipe is, as Bruce puts it, a bunch of meat wrapped in meat.

You mix 5 lb of hamburger meat and maybe about 3 lb of breakfast sausage and some dry breadcrumbs. You then make a big meatball out of this and flatten it out to make a rectangle. In this rectangle, you put more meat. You can put any kind of sausage you want (Bruce used andouille), and Bruce also put in some crab meat and shrimp. You don’t have to put in the seafood, but that was what Bruce put in that time. Then you add some kind of spicy cheese, maybe like pepper jack or habanero cheddar. It seems that this recipe is pretty flexible. It is now ready to “roll.” You make a big burrito out of it, seal the ends, and wrap the whole thing, top and bottom, with 3 pounds of bacon. As Bruce’s’ hunting partner, Ron, puts it, it’s like a hamburger meat burrito.

Now it’s ready to cook. Bruce cooked it in an outside smoker oven on 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for 5 to 6 hours. He had a pan of water in the stove to keep it moist. Here is a link to the video in case you want to see him make it – After the Hunt: Bruce Rolls a “Fatty”.

When we saw this video, we immediately wanted to make one. We thought we’d have to make it smaller than his, because we don’t have an outdoor oven but as it turns out, we probably could have made one just as big….. maybe.

But still, we made one, and it came out pretty well. We used 3 pounds of hamburger meat, 1 lb of breakfast sausage (we want more next time), Andouille sausage with some crab and shrimp and spicy cheese – just like Bruce. We cooked it on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours. Next time, we’ll probably lower that heat. Our father had to go somewhere, so we had to hurry it up. Also, next time, we won’t use lean beef. We’ll use 80%. We also cheated on the bacon, only covering the top and tucking the ends under, but next time, we are going to wrap top and bottom like you are supposed to.

There were some flaws in our recipe, but it is still really good. The best part is making it, but when we woke up this morning, we wanted a big piece. We had to wait for lunch, and we thought the leftovers tasted even better. Dink thinks he’s addicted to it.

We plan to fiddle around with making a fatty so it will be even better. Here are some pictures that we took of our fatty. Bruce should have a cooking show. It’s really fun to listen to him and watch him and his recipes are awesome!

Good luck if you try to make this. It’s really good!

by John

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