This being the 150th anniversary of the The War Between the States, (aka the Civil War mostly to northerners and The War of Northern Aggression mostly to Southerners), there have been several reenactments of various battles, most notably, the battle at Gettysburg.

We really cannot understand the purpose of these events. The battle at Gettysburg was a terrible thing. Why would anyone want to reenact that? It doesn’t seem respectful. There was a Pops Concert at Antietam Battlefield (Battle of Sharpsburg) a while ago. Why would anyone do that? Like Gettysburg, Sharpsburg/Antietam was the site of a terrible battle. In both places, thousands of men died. In our opinion, the only thing to do in either of these places is to be sad – to sorrow the loss of so many lives or at least to be quiet.

The War Between the States was a particularly bitter war and when you visit these battlefields where tens of thousands of men died, it makes you feel very serious. We just don’t get why people reenact those battles and feel it is not very respectful to the fallen soldiers, even if the original battles took place 150 years ago. Having a pops concert where the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam to northerners) took place is definitely not the right thing to do in our minds, knowing that so many soldiers died there. When we visited, the whole place felt gruesome and solemn.

by Dink and John

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