Blueberries For Barter

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Yard and Garden
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Today, Dink and I went outside and picked blueberries. We only picked for about an hour, but we picked a lot easily because there were so many of them. They were all juicy and ripe, thanks to all the rain and hot weather we’ve been having. They were also very big. We took a picture of one of the biggest ones next to a nickel for size.

We gave some blueberries to our neighbors and they gave us some eggs in return which was very nice of them. Actually, they give us eggs frequently because they have too many chickens and we were trying to give them the blueberries for nothing in return. Well, they insisted and they actually seemed very happy to get rid of the eggs. We do go through a lot of eggs and we will be giving them a lot more berries and vegetables, so it’s fine. Actually, it’s kind of cool, because we don’t have chickens yet, and they don’t have blueberry bushes or a vegetable garden. Trading with your neighbors is a great way to stay in touch and close and also to get things you aren’t raising or growing yourself.

by John

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