The Plants In The Garden Are Coming Up

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Yard and Garden
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Our garden is looks pretty good right now! The corn is doing very well, and I saw some beets and cucumbers coming up, too. There are a few green tomatoes which still have to ripen. Our zucchini is growing, and our peppers are doing pretty good, although some of the leaves look a little yellow. I even saw some ripe blueberries on our blueberry bushes. Our carrots and butter beans are not doing so well, unfortunately. Only a few carrots have come up, and only a few bean plants. We’ll have to replant those crops.

There are pretty many weeds in the garden, but we hoed some today. We will probably till in between the rows in a few days to get rid of all the weeds there. Anyway, we hope you like the pictures and have a nice evening!

by John

  1. mrmuddyg says:

    Always nice to see something happening.

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