How to Catch a Groundhog

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Yard and Garden
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Well, we finally caught a groundhog in our trap today. We baited it with jade plant. We knew that he liked jade plant because he came to our driveway and ate the jade plant out of the pot it was in. We were really happy we found a good bait. We potted a small piece of jade plant and baited the trap with it and this morning he went into the trap! We know he didn’t go in at night because we went out and checked the trap at about 8:45 this morning. We went out later at around 12:00 and he was in the trap.

We always have trouble catching groundhogs, but it looks like we found a pretty nice bait. If you are trying to catch a groundhog, you might want to try jade plant. If you can’t get jade plant, you might want to try Juicy Fruit gum because they really like the way it smells. Unfortunately, if they eat too much of it, they die. Last year we wrote an article about using Juicy Fruit as a bait in Trapping the Groundhogs.

by Dink

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