I Got New Shoes

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Articles
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My shoes were getting too small for me, so yesterday we went out to get some new ones. My old shoe size was 10.5 and the brand was Converse. I have been wearing these shoes for almost 2 years and they look pretty bad because I wore them everywhere. I even cut the grass in them a few times because the boots I usually wore were unavailable. I really like them, though. It’s too bad that they got too small. Here is a picture of my old shoes.


We first went to Sports Authority to look for a new pair of shoes. They mostly had athletic shoes, cleats, and running shoes over there, and that’s not what I was looking for. We left Sports Authority and went to the mall across the street where I found a pair of shoes that looked a little bit like my old ones. When I opened the shoe box, there was only one shoe, so I assumed that somebody had stolen the other one. However, that is just the store policy because they had a big problem with theft in the past. The other shoe was in the back storage area and we had to ask an employee to get the other one for me.

My new shoes are made by Nike and they are a size 11.5. I guess Converse’s sizing system is different from Nike’s because I don’t think my feet grew a whole size. Here is a picture of my new shoes:



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