Some people think that the Washington Redskins is a racist name and that they need to change it. We don’t think that this is racist because they’re not calling the Indians anything bad. They are also not making fun of them by calling their football team after them. They named a whole football team after them, so they’re obviously not slighting them in any way! It’s an honor for the Indians to have a football team named after them and in all truth, they probably don’t care at all.

People were also complaining about the Atlanta Braves a while back. Same thing! It’s not racist because why would people name a team after a group of people who they hate? To me, it’s pretty obvious that they have nothing against the Indians. And besides, I think if I was an Indian, I would be fine with the Redskins and the Braves, but especially the Braves. It would be a compliment to have my own group of people called the Braves because Indian braves were awesome!

If the Redskins wind up changing their name, then I’m guessing the Atlanta Braves will have to change theirs, as well as the Cleveland Indians. If the Cleveland Indians have to change their name, that would be ridiculous, because Indian is just the name that European settlers gave the native people. There is nothing racist about it. I think people are just too sensitive!

My mother just read this article and said “It’s not ‘Indians’ anymore. It’s ‘Native Americans’.” Sheesh.

by Dink and John

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