*** WARNING *** Extreme Violence – Pop Tart Gun

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Articles
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from Huffington Post

We heard on the news today that a boy in Maryland got suspended from school for eating his strawberry pop-tart into the shape of a mountain. The teacher thought that the pop-tart looked like a gun, so the kid got suspended for two days. Isn’t that ridiculous? However, this isn’t the only time children have been expelled for scary guns.

In Pennsylvania, a 5-year-old child got suspended for having a pink bubble gun and saying that she was going to shoot her classmates. She was first labelled as a “terroristic threat” and then as a “threat to harm others”. It was a very obnoxious thing to say for sure, but wouldn’t scolding her and taking away the dumb bubble gun for the rest of the day be enough? Another kid made his hand into the shape of a gun. A child in Philadelphia brought a paper gun to school and another boy drew some guns. All were promptly suspended – these children and more.

Why are the school teachers being so extreme and unreasonable? It’s all a mystery, but we think that the teachers are pretty stupid. The parents are also stupid. The parents should be complaining to high heaven about this to the schools and if the schools won’t listen to them, they should remove their children permanently. A finger is not a gun even if a young boy says it is – and what small boy (and even bigger boys) doesn’t pretend shooting with guns? We used to use anything we could get our hands on – a stick, a bat, a hanger, even umbrellas. We weren’t a threat to anyone. We were just playing and it doesn’t mean anything except that we were playing.

From the kid’s point of view, it’s a great way to get out of school. If I were one of those kids, I would faithfully eat my pop-tart into the shape of a gun every day (unless I was already being suspended) so that I would never have to go to school! We could talk the whole class into “shooting” our finger guns and all of us getting suspended and as soon as it was time to go to school again, well, we’d just have some paper guns on hand, or some stick guns, or a picture of guns, or – you get the idea. Why aren’t these kids taking advantage of this? Probably because they are too little. That’s too bad. It would be fun to see this catch on and everyone could be suspended and we could play all day long, every day.

  1. julespaige says:

    While there is some ‘overkill’ pardon the pun, violence as well as bullies in school is a very serious issue. The first steps should be to take the child aside and ask questions, but not leading questions. Then a warning. Suspension a last resort for repeated purposeful nasty behavior. But a No tolerance policy in dealing with violence, prejudice and bullying is unfortunately something that has been allowed to evolve because of all the violence that children (as well as adults) are allowed to be exposed to. When I was young we played games with sticks and stones, weapons, but we were influenced by books – not video games, movies and cartoons that promote being nasty. We played outside because we could, we felt safe walking to the corner store for a loaf a bread even at night. I wouldn’t let my kids do that now. Even some areas as an adult I wouldn’t want to be alone at night.

    How many video games are there that promote volunteerism? Co-operation and kindness? Those are the questions you should be asking. School should be a place for healthy imagination and learning. Not a place to worry about being taking advantage by other students or of skipping out because you can manipulate the system.

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