Walking at Black Hills Regional Park

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Articles, Videos
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Today we went to a park called Black Hills Regional Park to walk on the walking loop and play on the playground. We decided to walk first, and on our way back to the car, we’d branch off and go to the playground. The path that we walk on is called the exercise loop because there are exercise stations along the path. Every twenty yards or so there is a new one.

We started walking and came to the first exercise station. The first exercise was called circle body. We didn’t quite know what to do, so we just did a couple of flips on the rings provided. Our mom and dad were the only people who actually did them right.

We then came to Sit and Reach. Just a stretch, so there was nothing to it. We all did that one right. Next was Log Hop where we jumped over some logs. I’m not exactly sure what muscles that’s supposed to work. The fourth exercise station we came to was called Step Up. You just step up onto a log, then step down, then up again. It wasn’t very hard. The final exercise was push ups.

After walking through all the exercise stations, we went to the playground. After a while, we decided to play freeze tag because we always play freeze tag when we come here. That was really fun. One thing I like about this playground is that it has a “zipline”. This isn’t actually what it is called, but it is something that you can slide across on. You grab onto a handle, hang onto it and zip across to the other side.

If one person stands at one end of the “zipline” and another person throws the handle, it looks like it is going to hit you, even though there is no way that could happen. Even so, it is instinctive to close your eyes and jerk away, and it is really hard not to. We got a short clip of this to show you what we mean. In the video, it is really easy not to flinch, but in real life, I think it was basically impossible. Unfortunately, this playground don’t have any monkey bars. Well, you can’t have everything, I guess. We hope you like the video even though it is short! You should probably watch it in big screen because it looks better.

by John and Dink

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