I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Articles, Videos
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We have an electric piano in our apartment in Philadelphia, and Dink recorded his arrangement of I’ll be Home For Christmas onto it. We weren’t planning to put it up on the blog, he just did it for fun. It turned out pretty good, so we decided to put it up. This is one of the Christmas songs that Dink learned for Christmas, by the way.

Later, I might record Do You Hear What I Hear or some other song. In that case, we will put that on the blog as well. The pictures are of a park in the city that puts up lights in December. There is a tree in the middle of a park that people can hang their decorations on. We might go there and put an ornament on too, but we’ll have to make it one we don’t really care about in case it gets stolen. We also took pictures of other Christmas decorations around the area. Hope you enjoy it!

by John

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