The Well-Behaved Groundhog

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Yard and Garden

If you’ve read the article called, “Trapping The Groundhogs,” then you’ll know that in past groundhogs have wrecked up our garden. This year we wanted to catch the groundhogs and take them away before they destroyed the garden. We put our trap out but we didn’t catch anything. We were afraid this particular groundhog who was living under our deck was going to destroy the garden before we could catch him. Surprisingly he didn’t go into the garden for a long time and he seemed quite content with our grass (there must be some sort of plant growing in our grass that he likes – we think it’s all the clover).

One day I saw him on the edge of the garden and I thought he was going to go in and eat the plants. I watched him for while to see where he was going to go. He was definitely in the garden but he was in a place where there was no corn or other plants. There were only weeds. I was sort of wondering what he was eating but I figured out that he was eating the weeds (since there was nothing else for him to be eating). That was the only time I ever saw him in the garden and even then he didn’t eat the plants.

Either he doesn’t like corn, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans or peppers or he was full at the time. We have stopped trying to trap him since he never gets into the garden and when he does, he just eats weeds.

He is a very well-behaved groundhog, which is definitely a good thing. Hopefully he will stay that way!

by John

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