Boom-O Card Game Review

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Reviews

Boom-O is a card game by Mattel. Each person starts out with a hand of seven and three bombs that he tries to keep from being blown up. When I say blow up, I just mean that they have to flip one of their bomb cards over, not literally blow up! A bomb blows up if the clock goes over 60 seconds, or if somebody plays a bomb card and you don’t have a hold card. If you do have a hold card then you play it, and your bomb is safe. (In order to manage the clock people put down cards that have either “5” or “10”. For example, if you put down a “10” card it adds ten seconds to the clock.)

The person who gets rid of all his cards first is safe. The round is over when somebody plays his last card. The rest of the players have to blow up one of their bombs. The clock goes over sixty when people add time to the clock with their number cards. You try not to get it over sixty, because if you do, then the person who forced it over sixty has to blow up one of his bombs.

At the beginning of each round, the clock is set to zero and players add time to it by playing number cards from their hand. There are lot more complicated rules than this and there a lot more cards with different functions, but this is basically how you play.

I like this card game, because even if you only have one bomb left, you can still win. One time John had all three of his bombs left and he lost all of them in one turn and I won, even though I had only one bomb left.

Anyway, this game is very fun. I remember playing it a lot a few years ago, but then we lost it and couldn’t find it until yesterday. I would rate this game an 8 and John would rate it a 9 1/2. This game can be purchased here.

by Dink

April 24, 2016: We purchased this game from Target years ago and it was probably around $7.99. is selling it for a ridiculous amount of money and I sure hope no one would be willing to pay that much for this game. It’s fun, but only $7.99 worth of fun.

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