Our Garden is Doing Good

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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Our garden is coming along very well right now. The corn is really tall and it is already tasseling. The zucchini plants are very big and we’ve already gotten some zucchini from them. This year we planted a different kind of bean, and they aren’t getting eaten like our old snap beans used to. Our tomatoes look very good and we should be getting some soon.

When we were smaller, we sometimes played hide and go seek with our friends, and we always liked hiding in the corn. It did make a pretty good hiding spot, I have to say and it was fun to tear up and down the rows. Sometimes if you are out at night alone and a slight breeze comes through and makes the corn rustle, it can be rather creepy. I only heard it once and somebody was outside with me so it wasn’t too bad. My mother gets really scared when she hears it and has to come in if no one is outside with her. Another thing about corn is that unless you grow a lot of it, you have to walk down the rows and shake the tassels to pollinate them or else your cobs might not be filled out enough.

I don’t know why our garden is going so well so soon, because we got the garden planted really late. However, the garden is doing quite well and I think it’s because of all the rain we’ve been getting. I thought our garden would still be pretty young but it definitely isn’t. With any luck, we’ll have corn, tomatoes, and beans in a few weeks!

by John

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