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Boggle is a word search game where you look for words on a four by four grid and write them on a piece of paper. You have three minutes to look for as many words as you can. We like to use a kitchen timer instead of the provided hourglass so that we don’t have to keep on looking up to see if our time is up. The words can go horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but they have to be at least three letters long (and you have to be able to find the word in the dictionary). Actually, that isn’t quite right. The letters of your word just have to be touching each other at some point. You can see our pictures and find the words “quiet”, “struggle”, and “item (or time)” to get the idea. Also, you can only use a letter once per word. For instance, if there was only one “g”, you could not make the word “struggle”.

Also, you can’t write down proper nouns. At the end of three minutes, one person says the words he got, and if another person got the same word, they both have to cross that word off. There are a certain number of points assigned to a word, depending on how many letters it has in it.

We all love to play Boggle and sometimes after we’ve been playing for a while, we start to write down words that we don’t think are actually real. For instance, a few days ago on Sunday, we were playing Boggle and I wrote down “haw” thinking about “he-haw” like the sound a donkey makes. I didn’t really think this word would be in the dictionary, but it was. The definition wasn’t really what I was thinking about, but at least I got a point! Here is the definition:

haw 1: An utterance used by a speaker who is groping for words. To hesitate in speaking.

2: The fruit of a hawthorn. A hawthorn or similar tree or shrub.

3: A nictitating membrane, esp. of a domestic animal.

4: Used to command an animal to turn left. To turn left.

Obviously, I wasn’t thinking of any of these when I wrote it down, but I did get a point and I learned a new word (actually, I already knew the fourth definition, but I just forgot).

Anyway, Boggle is a great game and if you’ve never tried it, you should give it a shot (it can be bought here). You might like it as much as we do!

by Dink

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