Our Front Lawn

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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We don’t have a lot of grass in our front lawn. It looks good from a distance, but if you go up close, it looks pretty bad. Right now the lawn needs cutting so it looks especially bad, but even when it doesn’t need cutting, it doesn’t look good because there are so many weeds in it. It has some grass in it, but there are a lot more weeds than there is grass in it. If you go up close and go down low to the ground, you can see all the weeds poking up (which is what the pictures are of).

After the grass gets cut, it will probably look good because the weeds will be the same level as the grass. But after you let it grow for a while, the weeds get taller than the grass and that looks bad. The only way of keeping our front lawn looking good is to cut it a lot.

by John

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