Our Blueberry Harvest

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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A while ago, we went outside to pick blueberries. They haven’t come in full force yet, and there are still a lot out there to be picked. The pictures are of some blueberries that we picked a couple of days ago. Like I said, a lot of berries aren’t ripe yet and we still got this much. We have fourteen blueberry bushes and we get a ton of berries from them, but some friends who live down the road have fifty blueberry bushes! If fourteen blueberry bushes gives us a lot, I wonder how much they get.

We’re still eating them by the handfuls and eating pies, but soon we should slow down. Then we’ll probably start freezing them and making pie fillings for later on. We will also freeze the pie fillings so we can have blueberry pie in the winter. All of our friends like our blueberries too, and we always give them each a lot. Then they can make pies and eat them by the handfuls too!

by John

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