Lipton Cold Brew Review

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Reviews
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We bought this product a while ago because we like to drink sweet tea. It can be brewed in cold water to make things quicker and easier. The tea bags are big enough so that you only need two to steep a whole pitcher of sweet tea. Unfortunately, brewing in cold water doesn’t really work. It is always too weak even after we’ve steeped it for twenty minutes! (The tea was not bitter because we were brewing with cold water. If we had steeped the bags in hot water that long the tea probably would have been really bitter.) When you brew it in cold water, it looks good, but when you drink it, it basically tastes like water.

This product works very well if you use hot water to steep, but using cold water definitely does not work. It is better just to do it the old way. On a scale from one to ten I would rare this product a 5 and John would rate it a 7 1/2. If you like sweet tea, you can get this here.

By John and Dink

  1. Betty Knief says:

    I liked decafe tea in cold water brew, I can’t find it in the stores . What happened to it? I shop at walmart and krogers.

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