Our Food is Almost Here!

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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Today we decided to take some pictures to show you how our fruit and vegetables are coming along. The peaches, Asian pears, and apples are still pretty small. We really need to thin them in the next week or two. You have to remove 75% of the fruit if you want to get a decent harvest.

We are starting to harvest our early blueberries now, about 2 weeks earlier than usual, probably because it got hot so early this year. Some are as big as a nickel and those are the best for eating. Others are about the size of a dress shirt button and those are good for our mom to make muffins and pies with.

As we said before, we were really very late getting our vegetable garden in, but we planted right before a very rainy week and everything came up great except the cucumbers, which we’ll have to put in a few more seeds to get enough for the summer.

Our favorites in the yard are the blueberries and the corn. Sometimes we just eat corn for supper, and I mean a ton of it (not literally, of course). After we finish, sometimes our trashcan is steaming from all the hot cobs people throw in. That looks rather funny.

We didn’t plant any snaps this year because the rabbits usually eat them all and whatever they don’t eat, the grasshoppers ruin. This year we planted butter beans instead of snaps. Usually nothing bothers those and they are really good. Anyway, there’s not much to say here, but the pictures should be interesting.

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