Lego Review – Green Grocer, Cafe Corner, Factory

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Reviews
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Although Dink and I aren’t really big Lego fans, we do sometimes like to build three sets of Legos that we got a couple years ago. We’ve built them all pretty many times but they’re still fun to make. The three sets that we have are called the Green Grocer, Cafe Corner, and Factory. The Factory was made by a Lego fan, not by the Lego company, and it’s surprisingly good.

My favorite one is probably the Green Grocer because it is very detailed. It is a grocery store with apartments on top of the store. It has a vending machine and a counter where people can buy stuff on the first floor. Behind the store there is a barrel of tools and a vine growing up the wall. There is also a fire escape on the building. On the second floor, it has a fireplace and on the third floor it has a grandfather clock. Finally, on the roof, there is a grill and two chairs with a table.

The Cafe Corner isn’t so detailed on the inside, but the outside looks very good.  The Factory is pretty good too. Mainly the outside is interesting, and there are a lot of good details. A good thing about these Lego sets is that you can link them all together and then it looks pretty awesome. These Lego sets are expensive, but we have made them many times and we still love making them and looking at them so we think they’re worth the money.

by John

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