GUM Soft-Picks Review

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Reviews

A few weeks ago we went to the dentist and they gave my mom a few fuzzy tooth picks to use on her teeth. They are made by GUM and are called Soft-Picks. She decided she liked them after using them, and bought some more. They are just tooth picks with little bristles on them that help clean between your teeth. The Soft-Picks are designed to clean away plaque and they work very well, so if you have problems with plaque, maybe these could help you.

If you don’t have space in between your teeth, though, don’t get them, because you won’t be able use them. You have to have spaces in between your teeth, and they can’t be too small, because the toothpicks are sort of thick. Dink tried to use one but since he didn’t have any spaces in between his teeth, the Soft-Pick got all bent up and he couldn’t use it. I also tried to use one but the same thing happened.

Even though we can’t use them, our mom does and she would rate them a 10. She really likes them. If you want to try these, you can buy them here.

by John

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