Making a Fire

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Articles
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Since we’re going to go camping sometime this summer and we’re going to need to make fires, Dink and I decided to practice making one at home with our flint striker. We got it going good, and after we had the fire pretty high, we proceeded to douse it with at least a gallon of water. The fire swiftly went out, but we knew that we could make a fire with a flint striker.

On a couple of other camping trips, we used magnesium and purell, but the fire Dink and I made at home was made without magnesium or purell. I think it was because we had such good tinder to start it with. We used dandelion fluff and dried up morning-glory vines. Both those things were very dry, and they made a very good combination. The dandelion fluff only takes a spark to ignite, and the morning-glory stuff only took a tiny flame to ignite. If you get a spark on the dandelions, it will make a tiny flame, which will ignite the morning-glory stems, which will hopefully ignite the leaves and small twigs you have laid out.

If your tinder is very dry, it will be very easy to get a fire going with a flint striker as long as you know what you’re doing. You have to know how to make the fire bed, and if you do, it shouldn’t be too hard. Now Dink and I know that we can make a fire as long as we have the right things. We didn’t lay the fire down in the normal way, as you can see from the picture, but it still worked. We gathered a bunch of dried morning-glory vines and dandelion fluff and put them in a sandwich bag for when we go camping. They will probably come in handy and we look forward to using them.

by John

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