Our Blueberry Plants

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Yard and Garden
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In Maryland, we have about 17 blueberry bushes in our back yard. We really like blueberries, and we can have them almost all summer because some of our bushes produce berries early, some produce them in the middle of the summer, and some make them late. That means that we can have berries almost all year as long as we freeze some. We also make pie filling so that we can have pie all year too. Sometimes we have too many even after we freeze pie fillings and plain berries. Then we sell them and give them away to our friends.

We like to eat the berries in a couple of different ways. We eat them by the handful, which is really good, and we also eat pie. We make cooked pie and chilled pie and I think I like chilled pie better. Chilled pie is cold pie made with blueberry filling, graham cracker crust, and whipped cream. The blueberries are uncooked and are held together with crushed berries cooked with corn syrup and some other things. Cooked pie is basically what it sounds like: cooked pie with blueberry filling and a regular dough crust. We also like to eat blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry cake, and blueberry coffee cake. It’s hard work to pick the blueberries, but I think it’s worth it. Sometimes we are out picking berries for hours and fill huge bowls with them. Then we eat as much as we want and then they get processed. We pick every 2-3 days when its peak time.

If you grow them, they do best in acid soil, and you might want to put a net over them to keep the birds and animals that like to eat berries out. It takes a while for the bushes to actually produce a lot of berries, but once they do, it will be worth the waiting.

by John

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