Lobob Hard Contact Lens Cleaner Review

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Reviews
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Lobob Hard Contact Lens Cleaner works very well when it comes to cleaning your contacts. I had always used Simplus solution by Bausch & Lomb but then we heard about Lobob. People online were complaining about Simplus, how it didn’t clean your contacts very well and their contacts were all blurry. They recommended Lobob instead and said it was a better, cleaner, and cheaper than Simplus. After using it myself, I agree with them. You can buy this product here.

You should know that this cleaner is only for hard contact lenses and since it is a cleaner only, you shouldn’t put this stuff in your eye. You shouldn’t use this cleaner to soak your contacts in overnight either. You can read the back of the bottle for more details. This product is also rather hard to find as most stores don’t sell it. We got it off of drugstore.com. This cleaner is very effective and much less expensive than using Simplus. I would rate it a nine and a half.

by Dink

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