Samsung HMX-W200 Waterproof HD Camera Review

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Reviews
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I got this camera for Christmas and am really pleased with it. It takes good pictures and videos and most of the pictures on this website were taken with this camera so you can see for yourself what kind of pictures it takes. The gallery above this text has some of my favorite pictures taken with this camera, and you can click on them if you want to enlarge them. This camera does not have the best quality in the world so if you’re looking for a camera with awesome HD, then I don’t think this camera is exactly what you’re looking for. However, I think that its other features more than make up for this.

First of all, this camera is waterproof so you can take pictures and videos underwater (you shouldn’t go any deeper than 10 feet with it and you should not have it underwater for more than 30 minutes). Another thing I like about this camera is that it is very small and compact so you can just put it in your pocket and take it with you whenever you want. The dimensions are approximately 4.5″ long x 2″ wide x .5″ deep.

Another good thing about this camera is that it is relatively inexpensive. Mine was purchased at a Best Buy where they were running a sale on the camera. As I said before, this camera does not have the highest quality on the market. It does not have a flash, and it does not do very well in low lighted situations. As my first camera though, I am very pleased with it and think it takes really pictures and videos. On a scale from one to ten, I would rate this camera a nine and so would John. You can buy this product here.

by Dink

  1. Acuario says:

    Review by Blase Sanzone for Rating: I pusrahced this May 28th, on sale for $170. I did not pusrahce a memory card as I had a 2 gig SD card at home and wasn’t sure that I would be keeping this camera. I charged the battery, put in my memory card and went out in the yard and shot some video and some still photos. It was a bright sunny day. I hooked up the camera to my 50 inch plasma TV with the included composite video cable and looked at the photos, which were really great quality and detail. I was pleasantly surprised that they were the equal of my Olympus 10 mega pixel digital still camera. Next I looked at the video that I shot at 1080P and heard this clicking noise throughout the video. My commentary was recorded just fine but the clicking was a deal breaker. The video quality was also not what I expected for the 1080 P setting. I loaded the CD into my PC and started to read the manual. As another reviewer noted you must us HC SD memory or data will be lost while the memory is trying to keep up with the high data rate of this camera. That night I bought a recommended SDHC card and put it in the camera. The next day I went to a WWII era air show and brought the camera. I shot about 40 minutes of video at 720P 60 frames per second and about 24 photos at the 10 mega pixel setting. There were lots of action videos as the old fighters streaked overhead as well as some newer jets. I hooked up the camera to the plasma TV and viewed the photos, which were really sharp and clear with great detail. You could read the serial number and min/max blade pitch on one of the props. This is using a low quality composite video cable between the camera and TV. The videos were terrific and no clicking noise. The use of the correct memory card improved all the quality levels of the photos and videos. My family was impressed that this small package could do so much. I next loaded the software on my PC and transferring the videos and photos was simple and the while not a high end package there is more than enough functionality to edit the videos, convert them to other formats and upload them to different online services. The only thing missing is the ability to burn them to a DVD, which I can do with Nero. On Memorial Day I went to the Daytona Prototype races at Lime Rock Park and shot a lot more video and photos. All came out terrific. I will pusrahce a monopod as it is difficult to hold this small camera steady for a long period of time. I will also be purchasing the optional HDMI cable to further improve the quality of the image when watching on my 50 inch plasma. This camera is a keeper and the quality is outstanding. I’ve shown the results to others with Flips or RCA and they rated the quality of the Samsung output to be superior.

  2. Zilkfli says:

    Review by Ifny for Rating: I am surprised by the early ngeitave reviews. I never owned a pocket HD cam before (like the Flip Mino, Creative Vado, or Kodak Zi6) though I’ve seen them compared online (Tekzilla), so when I pre-ordered this camera I had a good idea of what I would be getting. I’ve had it for 3 days now and it is exactly what I expected it to be for the price and size. It is not a replacement for larger, heavier higher-end digital SLRs or camcorders with better lenses and imaging chips. It’s a convenient, cell phone sized FunCam. The smaller size and lighter weight means it’s harder to keep steady, a reported problem with all the pocket HD cams. Another known problem is they don’t do low light well. This camera is no exception.Pros:I found the 1080/30p video quite good outdoors in daylight, again considering the size of the chip and the quality of the lens you can expect at this price.The Smart Auto feature does a surprisingly good job of detecting what you’re shooting and adjusting accordingly. Hold the camera close to an object and it automatically goes into macro mode. Shoot a back-lit subject and it automatically goes into Backlight mode. It does have an Action mode for fast moving subjects but I haven’t had it activated yet so I’m not sure how well it works to smooth out camera shake, if that’s even what it’s supposed to do. (There is no camera shake correction feature in the included software as another reviewed suggested.) I suspect Action mode may just increase shutter speed to minimize subject blur and not be an image stabilization feature. At any rate, this is a consumer point and shoot camera. These modes are not manually adjustable.I’ve tried the time-lapse feature (the main reason I bought this camera) and it works very well, though I’d prefer more choices like 2 and 3 frames per second.The 3x optical zoom works better than digital zooming though it does dim the image on the LCD screen when you zoom in.It has a user replaceable rechargeable battery.It uses SD cards you can swap out for more recording time.The included video and picture editing software is basic but works and the fact it’s included on the camera is very convenient. You can also install it onto your PC if you like. I have higher end programs so I won’t be using it but it’s always there if you need it away from home.My cons would be:1 The lens does not have a cover and I have already smudged it a couple of times. A sliding door or even lens cap seems like a no-brainer but there isn’t one. To be clear, the actual lens is deep inside the camera and there is a protective piece of glass (or plastic) over it. I did clean the smudges off the glass with a photo lens cloth with no problem. The other pocket HD cams don’t seem to have lens covers either.2 The still photos are not great. Much better than what my 2 megapixel Razr phone can do but obviously far below what my 8 megapixel Canon Rebel XT can deliver. It’s not just the pixels; it’s the lens and chip that make a quality image. This cam is not good for important photos and, again, the pictures are much better with a lot of light. With moving video images the grain is not as apparent.3 I’m not crazy about the USB dongle all these pocket cams have but I understand its convenience. An additional USB port would have been nice. Other than that I am pleased with the purchase. My camera does not exhibit any of the mechanical noises during recording others mentioned. The only noise is when you use the zoom, as with every camera. You can even set it to mute audio recording during zooming if you like.Of note, this camera will not take a Compact Flash card and if you’re buying an SDHC card for this camera Samsung recommends only three brands: Panasonic, SanDisc, and Toshiba. Other cards are not guaranteed to work. They also recommend a card with a transfer speed of at least 5MB/sec for video recording. It can take up to a 32GB capacity card. That’s approximately 225 minutes of 1080/30P recording.

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