Fiji Water Review

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Reviews
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We started buying water bottles from the store after we stopped drinking tap water. After a while, we decided to get them cheaper off the internet. We looked for water on Amazon, and we found a brand of water called Fiji Water. We used to get Deer Park, but Amazon didn’t offer Deer Park so we got Fiji Water instead. Of course, there can’t be that much difference in water, but Fiji water is supposed to come from Fiji. The bottle says that it comes from an aquifer deep within the earth on the islands of Fiji. They say that it’s bottled at the source, forced by natural artesian pressure into the bottles. That means that it is never touched by man. They further say on other bottles that Fiji water fell as rain a long time ago, and filtered through volcanic rock, which adds the mineral silica, which makes the water have a very soft mouth-feel.

I agree with them. After drinking a Deer Park water bottle, if you drink a Fiji water bottle right after, it tastes and feels slightly different. I have to say, I like the Fiji water better. I would rate it a 10 and Dink would rate it a 9. From Amazon, you can get it off subscribe and save here.

by John

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