Ollie the Fish

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Articles

A few years ago, our sister received a fish in a small glass bowl as a gift. The people who gave it to her said that those kinds of fish only live for about a month. The fish he gave her lived for a LOT longer than that. We’re talking at least a year. So obviously he didn’t know much about that kind of fish, or maybe the fish was just unusual. Our sister bought a different fish tank eventually because the fish grew too big for the little bowl. Then a while later, our sister got another fish tank because the other one broke. This one is a lot bigger than the other two. Unfortunately, our friend the fish died a while ago. . . Oh well.

A couple new fish came in, and among them was Ollie Fishmonger. Ollie is a silver colored goldfish with an orange head. Anyway, a bunch of new fish came in. Their names were Fjurg, Pineapple War, Gummy, and Billy. They weren’t in the fish tank at one time, but they all lived in it at one point or another

Now only Gummy and Ollie remain. Ollie is no longer the small fish he used to be. He used to be about an inch and a quarter long. Now, however, he’s about five inches long, and he’s really fat. Gummy isn’t that big, but he’s getting there.

 Ollie is a very interesting fish. One thing I think is funny about Ollie is the way he eats the rocks at the bottom of the tank. I think he’s probably trying to eat food off the rocks, but he ends up putting rocks into his mouth. He spits the rocks out a few minutes later and in one part of the tank, the layer of rocks is getting pretty thin because he keeps putting them in his mouth and then spitting them out somewhere else. He also jumps out of the water sometimes and makes a loud splash. I don’t know when Ollie’s going to die, but I hope it isn’t any time soon, because I like watching him eat and do other things.

by John

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