Hamilton Beach Snow Cone Review

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Reviews
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We got a Hamilton Beach Icy Treats snow cone maker a few years ago and were really pleased with it. It is easy to work and has a good design. You can make a lot of servings at a time and it doesn’t take too long to grind the ice. You can also make slushies with this machine. In order to make a snow cone, you turn the switch to snow cone, then put ice into the grinding compartment and then cut it on. When it has finished grinding the ice, you put the ground ice into a cone and finally pour any kind of snow cone syrup into the cone.

Making a slushie is basically the same except you put in the syrup before you grind the ice and then you pour the slushie into a cup. As you can see, making slushies and snow cones with this product is very easy. One thing we noticed about this machine is that it is very noisy, but that doesn’t really matter. I recommend this snow cone maker if you want to be able to quickly make snow cones at home. You can buy this product here.

by John

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