Naked Bee Hand and Cuticle Healing Salve Review

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Reviews

As you may already know, we order a lot of things off of Ebay and Amazon. My mom ordered this product off Ebay. It is meant to heal torn cuticles, which is what I’ve used it for when I used it. You’re supposed to put it on at night, and you should notice a difference in your cuticles in a day or two.

The salve comes in a little case, and there’s a lot of stuff in it, considering that you don’t need very much to heal whatever you want to heal. The salve is kind of hard, so you have to apply pressure in order to get it out of the tin box, and then you have to rub it wherever you need it. I like how little salve it takes, because even if you buy one can, it will last you a long time. I mainly like the way it smells because it smells like Smarties. Although this product is not meant specifically for girls, I don’t think it was meant for guys. Even though our mom didn’t buy this for us, we still used it once because it smelled like Smarties. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate it an 8 and a half and Dink rate it a 9. If you’re interested in trying this product, click here.

by John

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