John’s Hiding Spot

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Articles

One day while Dink and I were in the back room, I stuck my head into one of the decorative pillows. Then Dink had an idea. He told me to lay cross-legged across where the pillows usually go. I got down there, and then he put the other decorative pillow over me and covered any remaining spots of me, like parts of my stomach, some of my feet, or a little bit of my legs. Those things are the thing that you can see when it’s just the pillows covering you. After he put the clothes on the pillows, which were on me, we just waited until Niles came into the room. I found out that it wasn’t very comfortable under all my gear. So whenever I decided to try to trick somebody into thinking nobody else was in the room, I would have Dink or Niles call them in when I was ready, that way I wouldn’t have to wait so long. Another bad thing is that the front bed post is right next to one of your legs, which makes it cramped.

One day we tested the hiding spot on our mom. We told her that she had to find John in 30 seconds (we thought this should be enough because the room is really small). After 30 seconds had gone by, she hadn’t found me. Another time when Niles didn’t expect it, I hid while Dink told him about something. Then I burst out at Niles. Unfortunately, his reaction wasn’t quite the reaction I had expected, meaning he didn’t care at all. He just turned around and said, “Oh,” and laughed a little. That part was kind of disappointing. My dad also found me when Dink told him to came and try to find me in thirty seconds. Other than those two disappointments, it was pretty fun introducing my hiding spot to everyone.

by John

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