Crane Humidifier and Vicks Humidifier Review

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Reviews
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Shortly after we arrived in Philadelphia, I started having bloody noses quite often. Of course, I have always had them a lot, and I don’t particularly like them. My mother wanted to change that and frankly, so did I, so my mother ordered two humidifiers. Soon after we got them, I stopped having bloody noses. We got two, and I like both of them very much, mainly the way the crane one looks. One is a cool mist humidifier and one is a hot humidifier.

The crane humidifier is a very good one. One bad thing is that if you don’t put in distilled water, it might put out white dust, and you can’t breathe the smoke stuff that comes out of it. I like the way it looks, because when you have recently filled it up with water, it looks like a water drop. It also works quite well with the combined force of the other one, and I can prove that because the bloody noses stopped. When you remove the top, the mist that the crane humidifier puts out looks exactly like the mist dry ice makes when you drop it into a tub of water. Dink and I played with it a lot when we 1st got it even though the directions say not to play with it.

The Vicks humidifier also works well and I think that it was the one that was mainly the one that helped because it was directly under our loft, so the steam could rise up into the loft. If you want, there is a place for you to put some Vick’s inhalant. The Vicks humidifier doesn’t look as cool, but it works just as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the Vicks humidifier will heat your room unlike the Crane. That’s not a problem for us since we only run them in the wintertime. Also, if you have hard water like we do in this apartment, the Vicks takes more maintenance. I think my mom had to clean the Vicks every 3-4 days to keep it very clean and working really well. Of course, that was when we were pretty much running it 24/7.

Another proof that the humidifiers work well is that we stopped running them for a while, and I had a bloody nose just the other night. I like the way both of them look, and they also work well. If we could only keep one of them, Dink and I would keep the Crane (click here to buy)  but my mom would keep the Vicks (click here to buy).

by John

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