Mudcats Characters

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Articles
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Hi everyone! We’ve only been watching this new show Mudcats for a while so we can’t write a review on it yet. What we can do, however, is briefly go over all the characters because they are quite interesting. But before I do that, I will say quickly what Mudcats is about. Mudcats is a competition held in Oklahoma to see which teams can get the biggest flathead catfish each week and ultimately the most total weight at the end of the eight week competition. The fishers, called noodlers, hunt for massive flathead catfish that can weigh up to 60 pounds by sticking their bare hands into holes under the water, hoping to get the fish to bite. One of the hardest things in the competition is to keep the fish alive until the weighing time. The noodlers have two days to find and catch a catfish and once the do, they have to keep it alive until the weighing time, don’t ask me why.

So now that you know basically what the show is about, we can go over all the characters. The first one, Scooter and his partner Tom, are pretty good noodlers. Scooter has a very twangy accent and is always saying how he’s going to win the competition, but actually, he is never able to bring in a big enough flathead to win the weighing. Sometimes we wish Scooter would leave his shirt on, because he is a very furry fellow, and it is mildly disgusting. He literally has hair all over him. His rival, Marion is currently in the lead with over one hundred fifty pounds of total weight. His partner (we’re not sure what his name is) is just like all the other noodlers, eager to win, but one thing he needs to watch out for are his pants. Unfortunately, they sometimes come down just a tad and we can see more of him than we want to. The next team is a father and son team, Jerry and Andy. They are not that good at noodling. They usually bring in a flathead that’s about 30 pounds. Last episode, Jerry’s son Andy got bit by a snake and had to go to the hospital. As a result, they did not bring in a fish.

The next noodler team is Katt Daddy and his partner. We like to call Katt Daddy Fatt Daddy because he’s sort of large. He is a good noodler, unafraid of taking risks in order to bring in the biggest flathead he can find. We like Katt Daddy pretty much, but his partner needs to remember to hitch up his drawers just like Marion’s partner. Teddy Good and his cousin Winston are not very good at noodling. They usually don’t bring in a catfish at all and don’t provide much competition for the other noodlers. The last team is Thomas and Dustin. They are also not much competition because they usually don’t bring in anything.

Our favorite team is probably Katt Daddy and his partner. If you want to watch Mudcats, go to the History Channel where they show a new episode every Thursday at 10/9(central).

by Dink

  1. sam k says:

    Where do they do with the fish?

    • It isn’t very clear what they actually do with the fish, but I think they give the fish back to the noodlers and they can do whatever they want with it. One guy did eat it and one guy threw the fish back into the river. That’s about all I know, sorry.

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