Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t ever heard of a car manufacturing company named Tesla. I was aware of the Tesla tower and Nikola Tesla, but not of the popular car company. Apparently, Tesla is very big on cybersecurity as it has computers to control various things within their cars. One of the models, the Tesla Model S, is not as secure as they’d like.


Of course, Tesla is aware that every program has bugs, so they have a bug bounty program – I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’d assume that they either pay people to find bugs or pay people when/if those people find bugs. Either way, a group of researchers from a Chinese company named Tencent found a way to hack into the Model S. Once in, they were able to control some functions of the car. Some of the things were rather trivial: they could turn on the windshield wipers, open the sunroof, and open the trunk. Other things that the hackers could control would be quite dangerous or otherwise bad: they could control braking, locking the doors, and turning the side view mirrors.

Computers in cars have always made us rather uneasy, which is why were never liked the idea of self-driving cars. It’s also why we don’t like really new cars, as most new cars have some form of a computer in them. Reading this article, I realize that our dislike is, in fact, justified! What do you think about computers in cars?


Noteflight Review

Posted: September 23, 2016 in Reviews

If you have a song you’ve heard somewhere and want to get it down on paper, I discovered a tool today called “noteflight” (

A person I know wanted to be able to play the song Come Sail Away as performed by Donald Gould (I’ve included the video that contains the song that the person want to play) and so I started writing it on manuscript paper, but I just knew my writing was going to be difficult to read. So I looked for a tool I could use for free and found Noteflight.

It was very easy to use and I was able to accomplish my task fairly quickly. I could add trill notation, dynamics, and articulation, too. I got the music printed out and also sent it to said person.

Admittedly, what I wanted to do was very simple; however, I could do what I needed to do simply and fairly quickly using noteflight for free! The only thing I had trouble with was having random sharps show up on my trills which I could only get rid of by forcing a natural sign on it…

For a fee, I’m pretty sure you can do some really cool things with this tool. Check it out if you need to get some music written on paper🙂

My School Year So Far

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Articles

So far this school year, I have written a report on The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, three essays for Biology and an essay on World War I. I have taken six Advanced Mathematics tests, three Biology tests, and four U.S. History quizzes. In addition to Biology, Advanced Math, and U.S. History, I am taking Spanish 2, Logic, Public Speaking, Choir, Trumpet & Jazz Band, Bible, and, of course, Hapkido. Soon I will have to give my first speech and also take my first Spanish test. That sums it up and I feel pretty darn busy.

Here are the questions which I got wrong. If you’re bored, you can see if you can get the answers right! Unfortunately, I can’t show the math problems I got wrong because I don’t know how to format the questions and don’t have time right now to find out, so for you math lovers, I apologize! I missed six math questions (out of 140 questions)…. Four of the questions below are from Biology and one is from U.S. History – just in case that isn’t completely obvious. I wonder if I’ll ever have to know any of this as an adult.

  1. An organism has a single, prokaryotic cell. To what kingdom does it belong?
  2. If an organism from kingdom Protista is heterotrophic, what subkingdom is it most likely in?
  3. Name one organism in kingdom Protista that is pathogenic. Name the malady that this organism causes.
  4. An organism from phylum Mastigophora cannot move. What organelle is not functioning?
  5. In what year was the Spanish Armada destroyed by the English navy?

Moving Up in the Ranks

Posted: September 18, 2016 in Articles

BeltAfter a two week trial-period of Hapkido that I took in July, I knew for sure that I’d want to keep taking lessons for at least another year. And yesterday, I had my first belt test! Thankfully, I passed. Whereas my belt used to be purely white, it now has a yellow stripe in the middle. Though certainly an improvement, I still have to go through ten more belts before I’m a first degree black belt. Clearly, there is a lot of stuff to learn!

I’m still thoroughly enjoying Hapkido and I’ve even learned some Korean words!

Lost Bird, Anyone Seen It?

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Articles

A few days ago, my brother was driving in a fancy neighborhood for some reason or another, and he happened to run across a sign announcing a lost bird. As usual with this type of poster, they gave the name of the animal, a picture, the location, and a phone number to call. As he continued to drive, he saw a lot more of the posters for an African Grey Parrot named Miji.

The signs have been up for a while now, and if the bird was going to come back, it probably would have by now. At this point, it’s going to be difficult to find, and even if one were to find it, how do you catch a bird? Dink says that you know you have too much money when you’re putting up signs to find a lost bird. My mother thinks that the parents just put up the signs to console their kid(s). Who knows?

In any case, I think Miji is long gone by now, don’t you?