Christmas Cactus 2.0

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Our Christmas cactus has now bloomed! I had personally never seen a Christmas cactus bloom before, and it is quite remarkable to me. I find it interesting that there are different layers of petals. Each bloom is almost like a small red Christmas tree with large and very few branches. Or not. Anyway, for those of you who are like me and haven’t seen a Christmas cactus flower before, I thought I’d share it. It’s quite an interesting flower!


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Tonight’s Hapkido class was centered around sparring. When I came home, we sat down to eat supper. That’s when my mother asked how my class went and when I said, “Good. I got kicked in the head a few times and….”, she stared at my face and exclaimed, “I thought you wore protection! There’s a bruise on your face!”

“Where?” I asked as I got up abruptly to look into the bathroom mirror. Realizing the problem, I told her, “Oh, that’s not a bruise. I accidentally shaved off part of my eyebrow.”

“How can you accidentally shave off your eyebrow?” was the next question.

“I was shaving off my unibrow and I accidentally shaved part of my eyebrow off.”

Let’s just say that I certainly was the laughingstock of supper :)


Gluten, Anyone?

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Articles
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You may have noticed that a lot of people are avoiding any and all gluten these days. We, on the other hand, have just bought a literal bag of gluten.


Adding gluten when making whole wheat bread makes it more soft and fluffy, whereas normally it would be rather dense. When we make wheat bread, we usually add some white flour to help make it lighter, but now we can just add gluten. Hopefully it will work!

As a side note, we see “Gluten Free” stamps on things like lotion and makeup – various things that I wouldn’t think naturally contain gluten. I don’t think it makes any sense, but if I’m wrong, do correct me.



Well, now that Thanksgiving is over, we can move onto Christmas! Stores are already stocked up on Christmas things (well, they were since before Halloween, but let’s disregard that). Our plants seem to agree. This is our Christmas cactus getting ready to bloom – just in time for Christmas


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today we’re being super classy; when I say that, it’s by our standards. We’ve probably set the table and done everything else wrong, but it’s nice enough for us. We hope you have a great day, even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!