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Today we watched episode 11 of the fifth season of Swamp People, entitled, “Hexed.” It was called this because Rodger Rivers went to a pond called Devil’s Ditch. This pond is thought to be cursed, and at the beginning of the episode, Rodger was talking about how he didn’t believe in curses, but by the end of the show, he was saying he thought Devil’s Ditch really was cursed.  It was also called this because Junior and his new partner Dougie experienced a strange fish kill that prevented gators from biting their lines. Fish kills usually happen in the wake of a bad storm on the swamp when nitrogen levels are raised in the water. However, the weather had been nice for a while, so the fish were not dying because of a storm. Therefore, the reason for the fish kill was unknown. Also in this episode, Liz and Jessica were on having another emotional breakdown. Their boat broke because they ran into something at a high speed and that damaged their lower unit. Terral was also on, trying to get a raccoon out of his chimney.

We find it funny and annoying how stupid Roger Rivers is. Well, maybe he’s just a little too . . . eager to get the alligator on the end of the line. They only caught two gators in the whole day, but they were very interesting catches. For the first one, Rivers was in the water and eventually had to stab the gator with his knife. For the second one, he jumped in the water and had to quickly shoot him while his partner poked the alligator in the mouth with his pole. Roger Rivers says he isn’t scared of anything and that he could look the devil in the eyes and not be afraid. What an idiot.

Junior and Dougie had a good day, catching sixteen alligators. As for Liz and her daughter, well, it was the same old story. They were just hunting, then something went wrong, and their hunting day turned into a big drama. If they aren’t cussing and getting angry with each other, they are breaking down into tears and it’s real annoying to have to watch. Terral’s situation was pretty funny. A raccoon got into his house and had gotten all the way to the top of his chimney but wasn’t able to get out because a screen was in the way. Terral had to climb up onto the roof and remove the screen in order to get the raccoon out.

This show was pretty good, but we wish they would just show the old people and not make the show so dramatic. We wish they would just show people alligator hunting – like they used to. We don’t need drama on a show where all people do is shoot alligators, in our opinion.

From previous episodes, Jacob got a hook in his thigh and had to go to the hospital to get it out. They cut the hook so they could get it out of his leg. Then they squirted probably some kind of antibiotic through the hole. They showed everything and it was pretty interesting. Troy went hunting with his younger brother, Guy. Holden really looks like his father. Troy said he might be retiring after this season because he was getting too old. Big Foot got a hernia and Junior hurt his back. Last but not least, Bruce brought Tyler back onto the boat with him and had a pretty good day.

Swamp People is one of maybe 3 shows that we watch and we wish History Channel would stop locking the episodes.

Well, for all of you Swamp People fans out there, we collected a few quotes from David and Jeromy from Episode 3 called “Gator Jacked” (called so because thieves were cashing in on the swampers’ gators) just in case you missed it.

Before we get to those quotes though, Troy (called “Nunky” by Holden) and Holden had a great day. We think it’s so funny when Troy catches so many big gators that his boat looks like it is going to sink any minute. That was the case this time again and as they drove to the buyer’s at the end of the day, Troy was going real slow so as to stay above water.

Anyway, in this episode, Jeromy and David were on again and this time, it seems like they’re trying a little bit too hard with the weird quotes. It is possible that the television station is asking them to do that. In any case, here  are the quotes:

Jeromy: I’m fired up like a Tonka truck ready to get it.

Jeromy: Man, it is unbearable hot our here. I ain’t sweated this much since I said, “I do.”

Jeromy (after seeing a dead alligator going to waste in the water): That’s somebody that…didn’t have their mom and daddy whip their butt when they was growing up. That’s what that is.

Jeromy (getting to what he thought was way in the back Mr. Jimmy’s property): Alligator paradise. These alligators ain’t even never seen a person. I feel a little more confident. I’m startin’ to grin like a possum eatin’ cow crap.

Some of Jeromy’s efforts worked, and some of them didn’t…

Episode 4 was called “Gravedigger” (a gator was named Gravedigger by Roger Rivers because according to him, he had dug his own grave by being a cannibal gator who had also bent one of his No. 14 hooks). Roger Rivers is really annoying. He thinks way too much of himself and way too much about what he is doing. After all, he is just hunting alligators. History Channel must be trying to find the dumbest swampers so that their audience can laugh at how stupid they are. Troy was too smart. Willie and Junior were too smart. Bruce was too smart, etc. So they are having to find people who will bring them all down. Roger Rivers would be just the person to do that.

Junior’s new partner, at least until Theresa heals up, is named Dougie. He is pretty weird and Junior made a lot of funny faces, but in the end, they made a good team and Dougie did a great job. Willie came over to Junior’s house to check him out and they met again at the end of the day at the buyer’s. Willie, who has struck out on his own, only got 2 gators so Junior was happy since Dougie and he got 12.

Bruce had a bad day, forgetting his tags and having to go back home to retrieve them. Then, when he got back on the water, the tide had gone out and his bait was hanging too high. He was all alone because Ron was hung up with some family business and Tyler, his dog, is getting too old to go out with Bruce.

Swamp People is still a great show (for people who like this sort of thing), but some of the people make us kind of sick. Just give us Troy, Junior and Willie, Glenn, Bruce – all of the old people. They were the best. If you want to watch videos of Swamp People, here is a link to

Tonight we watched the second episode from the fifth season of Swamp People. These first two episodes have shown most of the swamper’s starting day of the season. It looks like Bruce and Ron, Glenn, and Willie are among the only hunters who haven’t appeared yet. Maybe they’ll be in the next episode.

The first two episodes were good. We saw some of the old people like Junior and Troy, but we also saw some new people. Theresa is Junior’s wife and she is his hunting partner this season as Willie has struck out on his own. Junior & Theresa were doing well until Theresa got bitten by a gator they were pulling into the boat. The gator was shot, but it was still alive. Even though we never saw any blood, Junior said that it had bit clear through her left ring finger. Theresa might not be able to continue hunting and if she has to quit, Junior will have to find a new hunting partner.

Terrell is back from we think the second season. He is not one of our favorites. This season he has a hunting partner named Johnny. Johnny reminds us of a mothball and we are wondering if he has any teeth. Troy is partnering with his nephew Holden, 15. They look like they’re going to have a good season together. Jacob is hunting with Miss Marie until Chase gets back from a job in California. Miss Marie is a really good shot.

Then there is a new native American named Roger Rivers.We can’t remember his partner’s name. Before Roger starts hunting for alligators, he first gets a loggerhead turtle to do some Native American rituals to keep him safe for the season. We didn’t think too much about that and his partner didn’t look very impressed either. We hope he just sticks to alligator hunting in future shows.

RJ and Jay Paul are back, saying “bro” a lot and giving each other fist bumps. Liz and her daughter are partners again since Kristi got married and is apparently having a baby.

David and Jeromy are back as well, and as always, they are in a league of their own. On the 2nd episode, Jeromy was driving a motor house as they were going to drive south to Raceland, LA. Here is how Jeromy described it :

“We’re fixing to hit the road with this forty year old motor home, and I’m hoping it’s gonna make it. Can’t get in the bathroom cause the door’s broke right there. Have to go out in the woods. It don’t have no shocks on it so it bounces a lot. The refrigerator don’t work in there. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s got a little smell. It ain’t got no air condition. You burn up. It’s hot. But it’s something for us to sleep in, keep us out of the rain.”

The 1st thing the boys did when they got to Raceland was to get an alligator out of a lake so that the owner of the lake would give them the 30 tags they went down there for in the 1st place. It was a cheap thing for that owner to do, but David and Jeromy got it eventually, after trying to bait it with sausage (David’s supper) and Cheetos.

The 1st two episodes were pretty good with some old with some new. As usual, we don’t like the new people very much. They have to grow on us for a season and some we never will like as much as others.

If you’ve never seen Swamp People, you can check it out here. It’s just one of the things we watch, even though they do the same thing week after week. It’s the same, but it’s different :)

We got bored. We searched for something to watch on the History Channel. We discovered a new show entitled Appalachian Outlaws. This show is about people in Appalachia who dig ginseng roots and sell them. It is big business, and people can get $1000 per pound! This may sound like an extremely boring and uneventful show, but there are things in it that make it pretty interesting. For instance, since ginseng roots are so valuable, people who have ginseng on their property have problems with poachers who think nothing of stealing another’s property. There is this one guy in West Virginia who sets lots of booby traps in his woods for them. This kind of makes it interesting. All in all, the show is pretty good.

We have noticed that most of the shows we have watched and enjoyed have Southerners in them. Mudcats, Appalachian Outlaws, Duck Dynasty (the first season is pretty good), Top Shot (a lot of the people who go onto that show are Southern), and Swamp People. The fact is, if they made a show about northerners, particularly northeasterners, nobody would watch it. Who wants to watch someone getting up, eating some healthy breakfast, getting into some fancy gear, getting on public transportation which takes them to an office, and then coming home at night after stopping off at a gym or a bar? In general, northerners do not do anything worth filming. It’s Southerners who lead the colorful and interesting lives and that’s why people can make TV shows about them. They sound great, they do great and fun things, and they know a lot of useful things too. They can also shoot really well.

Anyway, if you want to watch Appalachian Outlaws, you can find the show on History where new shows come on every Thursday at 10/9 central.

On the History website, they have an additional series that comes after the Swamp People season called “After the Hunt.” “After the Hunt” is basically short clips of random activities that the swampers partake in. For instance, they showed Troy making a deer stand, and they show Junior and Theresa hunting gar fish. Those videos were good, but we especially liked it when they showed Bruce making what he calls a “fatty.” This recipe is, as Bruce puts it, a bunch of meat wrapped in meat.

You mix 5 lb of hamburger meat and maybe about 3 lb of breakfast sausage and some dry breadcrumbs. You then make a big meatball out of this and flatten it out to make a rectangle. In this rectangle, you put more meat. You can put any kind of sausage you want (Bruce used andouille), and Bruce also put in some crab meat and shrimp. You don’t have to put in the seafood, but that was what Bruce put in that time. Then you add some kind of spicy cheese, maybe like pepper jack or habanero cheddar. It seems that this recipe is pretty flexible. It is now ready to “roll.” You make a big burrito out of it, seal the ends, and wrap the whole thing, top and bottom, with 3 pounds of bacon. As Bruce’s’ hunting partner, Ron, puts it, it’s like a hamburger meat burrito.

Now it’s ready to cook. Bruce cooked it in an outside smoker oven on 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for 5 to 6 hours. He had a pan of water in the stove to keep it moist. Here is a link to the video in case you want to see him make it – After the Hunt: Bruce Rolls a “Fatty”.

When we saw this video, we immediately wanted to make one. We thought we’d have to make it smaller than his, because we don’t have an outdoor oven but as it turns out, we probably could have made one just as big….. maybe.

But still, we made one, and it came out pretty well. We used 3 pounds of hamburger meat, 1 lb of breakfast sausage (we want more next time), Andouille sausage with some crab and shrimp and spicy cheese – just like Bruce. We cooked it on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours. Next time, we’ll probably lower that heat. Our father had to go somewhere, so we had to hurry it up. Also, next time, we won’t use lean beef. We’ll use 80%. We also cheated on the bacon, only covering the top and tucking the ends under, but next time, we are going to wrap top and bottom like you are supposed to.

There were some flaws in our recipe, but it is still really good. The best part is making it, but when we woke up this morning, we wanted a big piece. We had to wait for lunch, and we thought the leftovers tasted even better. Dink thinks he’s addicted to it.

We plan to fiddle around with making a fatty so it will be even better. Here are some pictures that we took of our fatty. Bruce should have a cooking show. It’s really fun to listen to him and watch him and his recipes are awesome!

Good luck if you try to make this. It’s really good!

by John