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After Episodes 5, “The Pirate of the Bayou” and 6, “Gator Slayer”, Junior Edwards is no longer in the lead.

Joe & Tommy brought in an 11′ 2.5″ gator – not big enough.

Troy & Holden caught a gator they called “Fatboy”. Weighed a lot, but he wasn’t very long so they didn’t enter him

Junior caught “Big John” but he was smaller than his 1st entry, so he also did not enter this catch. Theresa, his wife, has deserted him for a wild river otter, so Junior may be calling on Duggie again even though he doesn’t want to. He thinks Duggie is very weird – which he is, but he’s a good partner.

Liz and Justin caught “Goliath”, measuring 11′ 2″.

But the new winners are Jeromy & David. They caught a gator in Violet with a crab and it measured 11′ 7″, beating Junior’s gator by 1/2 inch.

We are increasingly sickened by all the stupid things the narrator calls the gators and think we are going to create a list if we get amazingly bored over spring break. And once again, we want to complain about the subtitles. Who the heck cannot understand these people? We really don’t get it.

Anyway, we’re sorry Junior is no longer in the lead, but glad for David & Jeromy since they lost money in Raceland.

Yesterday we watched the 5th episode of Swamp People, called “Feast or Fawn” and since we haven’t done an update on the $10,000 bounty in two weeks, we thought we’d do one today.

After the 5th episode, Junior Edwards is still in the lead to get the $10,000 bounty. These were the entries made over the two episodes:

Joe and Tommy: 10′ even

Liz & husband – 10′ 2″

Jacob & Chase – 11′ 2″

Troy & “Holdy” – 11′ 4″

A lot of the entries were close to the biggest, but not quite. Junior’s first entry, 11′ 6.5″, still beats all of the other entries. Anyway, we thought we’d mention just two things from the episode. First of all, the water in the swamp was high, so a lot of people were going to remote areas to find gators.

Bruce, with his new gun, missed once, so after that, to make sure the alligator was dead, he shot them twice thus earning the name “Bruce 2Pop Mitchell” from Ron. Their boat eventually had a lot of gators in it and it was weighed down, so they wound up making a “Swamp Cooler” which just means they put the dead gators in a pool of water near the bank, in a shaded area, and covered them until they were ready to retrieve them later in the day. That worked real well for them.

Swamp People, if you wanted to check it out, is on History Channel and it streams on Mondays at 9/8 P.M. Central time.

Okay – we broke down and just paid for the season. It was too much of a pain to try to find a free show on the internet, especially when they usually don’t work. Yes, we actually paid to watch TV. Very sad day, but what’s done is done.

So anyway, after episode 2, “Gator Gridlock”, Junior Edwards is still in the lead for Johnny’s bounty money of $10,000 with an 11′ 6.5″ alligator he called Hercules. But on this episode, Bruce and Ron brought in an 11′ 1″ contender. Bruce wasn’t born yesterday, so he knows he has to get something bigger to win the bounty.

Highlights of the show: Joe and Tommy are back! They had to take a couple of years off after Hurricane Isaac destroyed their home. Joe put their house 14 feet in the air so hopefully it will never be destroyed again, at least by flooding. They went hunting in an area across the Mississippi River and never knew they had ever even stopped hunting alligators.

Bruce threw his rifle of 35 years into the swamp because 1st it jammed and then a piece of it broke off – each time when he was trying to shoot a gator. So finally, out of frustration, he chucked it into the water. Then he used an old, very rusty revolver that he kept in the bottom of a bucket to finish his hunting with for the day. Before they brought their gator to Johnny’s, Ron and he stopped in a store to buy a new gun. Bruce was looking for a rifle he was used to, first looking at the Savage .22, but Ron had his sights on a new gun – a .22 long rifle on an AR platform. After talking to Bruce for awhile, Bruce walked out with the new, new gun.

Other than that, David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt were back in Raceland and Jacob and Chase were hunting in an area with a lot of very large boats.

A very satisfying show since Joe & Tommy were back and we really like Bruce. He’s funny, he does funny things, him and Ron get along really well, and he just seems like an all-around great person.

Still cannot believe we actually paid good money to watch TV….

That’s right! Swamp People season 6 began last night with “Bounty on the Bayou”. I’m not even going to put a link to the articles we’ve written about it, because we have so many. Just search, “Swamp People,” on our home page, and you will be bombarded. Anyway, Swamp People has been a show that we’ve watched for a long time, and that we do enjoy. It’s about people in Louisiana who hunt alligators, basically. Over the years, they’ve added people to their cast as well as little things to the show that we don’t like, but in general, we still enjoy watching it. So today, we watched the Season 6 Premier!

Season 6 begins with the narrator announcing that a local alligator buyer put a $10,000 bounty on the biggest gator caught in the 1st 21 days of the season. So everybody was trying to catch big alligators from the beginning. I’m wondering if History Channel came up with that or if the buyer actually did that of his own accord. In any case, there is a reward for the hunter who can catch the biggest alligator.

All of the old hunters are still there, such as Bruce, Junior, and Troy. Last year, Troy was talking about quitting, but I guess he changed his mind. Junior is hunting with his wife, and Troy is hunting with his nephew, Holden. People were already entering gators to win the prize, and so far Junior has the biggest one. R.J. and Jay Paul brought a 10′ 5″ gator in, Troy came in with one that was 10′ 10″, and Junior had an 11′ 6.5″ alligator.

The cool thing about Troy’s gator is that Holden fought with it and Troy shot it. It was the 1st gator Holden pulled up and kept up until it was killed. It was a pretty amazing alligator to be one’s first. Junior went all out to get his. He did a great job; he also looks like he lost a lot of weight.

Anyway, so Junior is in the lead so far, but the contest isn’t over yet!

Swamp People airs on Mondays on History Channel at 9/8 central, if you have any interest in watching. Last year they always had the episodes locked which was a bummer. This year it isn’t locked, but you have to wait for a lot of annoying commercials during the show.

UPDATE: They are locking the episodes again much to our dismay. If we find a good source to watch for free, we’ll let you know!

We just watched another episode of Swamp People called “Outer Limits”. In this episode, Liz and her daughter had a contest with Glenn and Justin (Liz’s husband) to see who could catch the biggest gator. Liz and Jessica caught a 10′ 8″ gator and Glenn and Justin caught a 9′ 7″ gator, making Liz and Jessica the winners.

In case you missed it, Glenn and Justin started helping Liz and Jessica because they were struggling. A couple of episodes ago they weren’t catching alligators, their engine broke, and Liz had yet another emotional breakdown. In short, their alligator season was falling apart. They had to recruit Glenn and Justin to try and help them fill their tags. With the help of the two men, Liz and Jessica got back on track somewhat and announced that “Women rule the bayou, baby,” and “Women can do anything men can do!” Liz was so proud of Jessica that she remarked, “That’s what I call a real woman!”

We are almost 100% nauseated by these two females – no wait – we are 100% nauseated by these two females. To point out the obvious: if women ruled the bayou, baby, why did they have to call on two men to help them? If women can do anything men can do, why were they having an emotional breakdown on every show and finding themselves helpless and crying on the show before Liz went to her husband to ask him to drop his shrimping business to help her gator hunting? It was sickening to see how happy they were with themselves, obviously not noticing the fact that without Glenn and Justin, they would probably be boo-hooing in their boat again in between cussing each other out and then hugging and making up.

Oh yeah, women rule the bayou, baby.  “I’m scared, Mom.”

by Dink and John