Bad = Good and Good = Bad

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Articles
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My mom and I were taking a long car drive and this particular drive was not as boring as it could have been because we talked a lot. While talking, we realized that a lot of things that are good for you are actually unpleasant in varying degrees. Conversely, a lot of things that are bad for you are generally fun and enjoyable. This might not always be the case, but it seems like it is 99% of the time to me at least.

For instance, watching TV might be fun, but it isn’t very good for you especially when you’re young. We know some young people who have watched a lot of TV ever since they couldn’t even walk, and let’s just say they aren’t that intelligent, even though that could be attributed to other things.

We can probably all agree that drinking in excess or doing drugs are destructive behaviors, yet obviously a whole lot of people think the activity is very enjoyable. We were in Philadelphia Saturday night and people were having a party and were singing until the wee hours of the morning. It was very clear they were in an altered state of mind.

On the other hand, doing things which are good for you is often not very enjoyable. For instance, although I personally like eating carrots, I am not going to get as excited about eating one as I would about eating a cookie or a bowl of ice cream. When confronted with a salad and a piece of pizza, I’m going to go for the pizza. Baked potato or french fries – probably the fries. Greasy hamburger or tofu burger – give me the grease. Fried chicken or… you get the idea.

Let’s move on to activities which are considered good for us, like exercising. My parents are always groaning about having to do their exercises. They must do them, but they don’t seem to enjoy doing them. They seem much happier when they have finished and can sit down to do what they really want to do. Other examples come readily to mind. Studying, reading, learning, working – all good but sometimes not fun. Playing games, riding bikes, camping, fishing – maybe not the most productive things to do, but very satisfying to the soul haha.

I understand that these are pretty simple and obvious examples, but this concept pretty much applies to whatever you’re doing. Things you don’t like are good for you, and things you like are bad for you. It’s too bad, but it’s often annoyingly true.

Yesterday, during a long drive, we were pushed to the point in boredom where you are forced to notice every detail about everything. Well, we noticed a peculiar vehicle driving on the highway, one of which we’ve not seen very often. It was a three wheeled motorcycle which, in our opinion, does not look cool at all. We’ve seen vehicles which have two wheels in the back and one in the front, but this one had two wheels in front and one in the back.

Aside from not looking good, we aren’t sure we really understand the point of three wheels. We figure the reason for 3 wheels is so that the rider won’t lose control and tip over should he/she need to do some quick maneuvering. They want the stability of a car, but the “freedom” of a motorcycle. Is that the point?

We aren’t sure, but anyway we hope with any luck that this won’t become popular because we prefer the look of regular motorcycles better.

Names Matter

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Articles

Well, along with the management change at the eatery where I work, came several other changes. One of the changes was the menu we offer. We now have 3 new items on the menu and all three taste great. The names the owners came up with are very original and two of them sound great, but one of them…. I don’t know. I think they didn’t really think that one through thoroughly. Let’s see if everyone can figure out which name I am talking about:

Rooster Balls – buffalo chicken in cream cheese, lightly breaded and fried – very popular item which we sold out of in 2 days
The Hornet – Fried chicken filet tossed in hot sauce with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo & honey mustard all on a seeded bun
Smokehouse Sub – roast beef marinated in BBQ sauce with melted cheddar cheese, lots of grilled onions and bacon on a sub roll

Sometimes Niles and us joke that when we have children, we are going to name them all the same thing. We laugh and laugh about the possible problems with that, but names do matter, don’t they.

Struggling Bug

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Videos
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Yesterday we saw a bug that was stuck in a spider web near a window. The bug was a medium sized one and was struggling very hard to get loose. Even so, he couldn’t get out for a long time. He was using his wings and legs, and he actually looked kind of funny because the light rendered the web invisible. Well, the bug finally got out and we were quite satisfied to see it get free of  the web.

It’s only the second time we’ve seen a bug escape from a spider’s web before they get completely tangled up or the spider gets them. We watched this bug for a long time before we thought to film it. If you watch the video, you are seeing the very end of the struggle and the bug’s eventual freedom.

Hope you like it. The camera had a bit of a hard time focusing on the small bug, so the quality is not . . . quality :) Sorry about that.


More and more, Hispanics come to the eatery where I work. There have always been Hispanics and I don’t have any problem with that.

The thing I do have a problem with is that lately, the new Hispanics who come in cannot speak hardly any English. They either point to what they want or I have to get someone who speaks Spanish to help with the order.

Sometimes an Hispanic customer will say to me, “You need to learn to speak Spanish!”

Now, it is true that most Americans can only speak English instead of several languages like a lot of Europeans. And we are made to feel inferior because of that fact when truly, it doesn’t make any difference at all and any person who wants to act superior because they can speak 3 languages in addition to their native language, has a personality disorder.

I do want to learn other languages, however, and some of the languages I am interested in are German, Japanese, and perhaps Russian. Most people say “Oh you have to learn to speak Spanish because, you know….”, blah blah blah. Well I don’t want to learn to speak Spanish. I do not like that language, just like I don’t care for the French language.

Further and more importantly, can I say to one of the Hispanics who demands that I learn Spanish, can I say to them, “No. YOU need to learn English!”

Well, if we follow in the footsteps of the previous generation, we wouldn’t be able to say that. We would lower our heads in shame and shuffle off to get the customer’s food and feel guilty for the rest of the week for not being able to speak a language which is not native to our country.

And where has that timidity gotten us in this country? You see, being kind does not mean to be stupid. Being respectful does not mean to disrespect yourself.

Americans have become so pathetic that their soldiers are sent to a hot Ebola zone and everyone thinks it’s fine. If they didn’t think it was fine, they would do something about it. After all, how many morons were in the streets of NYC, filling them with litter and worshiping the likes of Leo Gore, who are total hypocrites.

If our generation acts like the previous generation, I suppose it won’t be long before America as our parents knew it will be a thing of the past.