Sitting in a car, we were talking about worms and fishing, and about fishing with bloodworms and nightcrawlers. While on the subject of worms, we moved on to talking about digging worms for the chickens and then about petting chickens. We then swiftly went back to the subject of bloodworms, nightcrawlers, and earthworms.

We were wondering if there is an actual difference between them all, or if they were just different names for the same creature (for instance, groundhogs and woodchucks are the same thing). We know that nightcrawlers are generally really big, but couldn’t they have just gotten a big earthworm? Does anyone have any idea if there’s any difference or if bloodworm, nightcrawler, and earthworm are all technically the same?

Not the last of our random thoughts, though….

A lot of drives we do involve going through a long tunnel. This tunnel is almost 2 miles long, and one rainy night we noticed something. What did we notice?

As I said, it was rainy, so the roads were wet. Obviously, the beginning of the tunnel would be wet because people’s tires would track in water, but as the tunnel progresses, we would expect that it would dry out after a while, since the tires would run out of water to track in. We noticed, however, that the road through the tunnel was wet all the way through. It wasn’t just damp. It was visibly, puddly wet.

We just don’t understand how a 2 mile long tunnel can stay wet all the way through. Sure, there’s a lot of cars, and it’s rainy outside, but it seems like in the very middle, it would be dry. But no, wet all the way through it was.

Just another Friday evening… :)

My mother was going to order some chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries and have them sent to her mother’s house for Christmas. She went to their website and decided to order the “Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Christmas Strawberries”. The price was $39.98 but with shipping and tax, the total came to a whopping $60.96.

Then she saw that they had radio show specials. We listen to a few radio shows, so she typed in one of their codes, whereupon the total dropped to $42.78. Better.

However, there is also a button on the top right corner of the website where you can go directly to the page to get a radio show discount. Trying to place the order this way, her total wound up being $48.12, even though she used the same code as before.

So, we just wanted people to beware of the problem that we had, at least. Check to make sure you are actually getting the lowest price before ordering. For us, making an order with no codes first, and then typing in our radio code after we had put in a credit card number and just before pressing “Confirm”, we ended up getting the best discount.

In the end, they were too expensive for us and we decided that we would get something else anyway :)

Today, after we cleaned up our chicken coop and fed our chickens, we were commenting on the one thing we wish we could do more.

We wish we could cuddle with our chickens more. Yes, that sounds weird, but our chickens are not very cuddly but we like them, so we want to hold them and pet them more.

This brings us to a video we saw recently which was very sad. While we’ve heard of unsanitary chicken farms, we’ve never actually seen one, but we know that they generally have thousands of chickens shut up in a building where they can’t eat any insects, worms, seeds, or green vegetation, their natural diet.

We heard about these horrible places, but we didn’t know the extent of the bad conditions those chickens are raised in. For one thing, with no natural food, the meat that we eat from them can’t be all that healthy. Also, the chickens are genetically modified so that they grow huge in a short amount of time. Being genetically modified gives the chickens various problems with at least their hearts, lungs, and legs.

In addition, the overall condition of the chickens’ living space is pretty horrendous. They aren’t allowed sunlight or fresh air, and the floor of their building isn’t cleaned often, sometimes not for years.

We have six chickens and if we miss one day of cleaning their coop, we feel bad. We like to keep their coop very clean with fresh pine shavings, so we can’t imagine how disgusting a chicken house would be if thousands of chickens were in one while the floor was never cleaned.

Inhumanely raised chickens. That’s something we don’t like, and something we might protest if there was a protest around us. Like we’ve said before, we think people might want to consider protesting horrible living conditions rather than the act of eating meat.

You can watch the video and judge for yourself, but I think we can all agree that this particular farm isn’t humane and things like this should be changed.

DSCF2342Yesterday, we were in our nation’s capital after dark. We saw lots of lights, the Washington and Lincoln Monuments, gnarly trunks of cherry blossom trees, the Christmas tree alight, and lastly, a concert at the Smithsonian which was our actual destination.

We went to a concert at the Baird Auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History. It was part of a series called “What Makes It Great?” with Rob Kapilow and the Curtis Chamber Orchestra. They performed Copland’s Appalachian Spring.

When we opened our programs, we saw the following words and reacted with horror:

“An hour-long discussion and demonstration of the piece will be followed by a 10-minute intermission, a performance of the piece in full, and a question-and-answer session.”

We thought, “You are kidding! An hour of talking?!?”

Rob Kapilow, though, was so energetic and entertaining, that we all actually enjoyed the hour before intermission very much. What we had envisioned as a dry talk about the composition like what is usually found in the notes of a classical music concert, was actually an engaging talk that included interesting cultural anecdotes about the composer and the history of his work. In addition, lest anyone get bored, Rob included audience participation – we were clapping out some of the rhythms of the music as the orchestra played – it was fun! Dink thought it all ruined the performance for him somewhat, though, because he found that he was listening to the music in a way that he didn’t want to; he was using his brain too much :D

If you have never heard of this series or of Rob Kapilow and you have a chance in the future to attend one of these concerts, we strongly recommend that you give it a try. After all, we were horrified, but wound up loving it. Rob Kapilow is a composer and apparently has several CDs out, that we think are of his “What Makes It Great” performances.

If you live near Washington, DC, there is another concert on March 29, 2015 with the Peabody Chamber Orchestra performing Mozart’s Symphony No 40 with Mr. Kapilow again.

is apparently not good for the gander.

A store in Kentucky specializes in printing t-shirts and its owner happens to be a Christian. In 2012, he got an order from homosexuals for a gay pride t-shirt. They were planning to use them for a gay pride event, but the owner of the store refused the order because it went against his faith. He is now being prosecuted for discrimination.

We just read an article that said another Christian man asked several gay bakeries to make him a pro-traditional wedding cake. All of the bakeries refused, some of them rather violently (not a surprise there). Needless to say, these bakeries are not being prosecuted for discrimination.

So why aren’t they being prosecuted? They participated in discrimination against a man who just wanted a pro-traditional wedding cake. But that is the gay bakeries’ right; they can refuse to promote an idea contrary to their belief, just like it’s the t-shirt company’s right to refuse to make gay pride shirts.

In America, people traditionally weren’t forced to promote things that violated their conscience. Therefore, a Christian t-shirt company owner shouldn’t be forced to make gay pride t-shirts for gays, just like gays shouldn’t be forced to promote Christian values.

What hypocrites, though. The gay bakeries are run by people who are so weak that they would force their will on others while others must bow to them. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander if it means prosecuting someone for discrimination.

Source: US Government Punishes Christian Business For Refusing To Make Homosexual T-Shirt, All Employees Will Now Have To Go Through Re-Education Training (TYRANNY IS HERE)