The Wishing Game

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If you had one wish, what would it be?

Well, that’s a question a lot of people get asked, and I wonder if it occurs to them that there’s an answer that’s much better than any other. To us, it’s pretty obvious, and though it may be a little bit cheap, your answer to that question should always be, “I would wish for unlimited wishes.” Or, if that is too much, “I would wish for three wishes a day.”

Our mom plays a game at night sometimes to help her get to sleep. She pretends she has three wishes a day, and when I asked her what she wishes for, she said that she usually wishes for food. She wishes that if she was looking through a food magazine, she could just wish for a certain meal to appear on the table. Why does she do this? Because she doesn’t particularly enjoy planning meals and making them a reality every day. She’s apparently never wished for more wishes, though.

I’ve asked several people what their one wish would be, but not one of them has said, “I would wish for unlimited wishes.” I guess that wishing for unlimited wishes would be a little bit cheap. Oh well, though, if they asked the question, you’ve got to answer honestly!

by John

I just finished reading about WWII in my history, and I took a two small quizzes on it. You will most likely know most of the answers, because by the time you are an adult, you have probably read and studied WWII many times. Anyway, here are parts of the two tests for you to test your knowledge:

A. Sequencing: Number the events in the correct order using 1 for the event that happened first, 6 for the event that happened last, and so on.

___Japanese fighter planes bombed the U.S. fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

___Japan took over Hong Kong, the Philippine Islands, and Malaya.

___The Japanese attacked the Marco Polo Bridge outside of Beijing, and the Second-Sino-Japanese War began.

___The United States declared war on Japan, Germany, and Italy.

___The Kuomintang government and the Chinese Communist Party made an alliance to fight against the Japanese.

___Japan declared itself an Axis power, along with Germany and Italy.

B. Fill in the blanks.

When World War II began, ____________ was the president of the United States.

____________ was the emperor of Japan during World War II.

In the Battle of ____________, four huge Japanese aircraft carriers were destroyed by a much smaller American force.

Hitler believed that ____________, people with German blood, were smarter, stronger, and better than other people.

When ____________, an African-American, won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics, Hitler refused to acknowledge him.

The only country to act officially in protection of the Jews was ____________, which rounded up all of the Jews living there and helped them get to a safer country.


This is from the second test I took:

A. Sequencing: Number the events in the correct order using 1 for the event that happened first, 6 for the event that happened last, and so on.

___Nazis took control of Paris and northern France.

___German soldiers marched into Russia and reached the edges of the city Moscow.

___Soviet soldiers invaded Finland, and German soldiers invaded Denmark.

___The German and British airforces fought for two months in the Battle of Britain.

___Germany officially surrendered on V-E Day.

___Allied forces in France retreated to Dunkirk where they planned to sail across the English Channel to safety.

B. Fill in the blanks.

The area in the south of France where some of the French agreed to cooperate with the Nazis became known as ____________.

The Allied troops were under command of American General ____________ when they managed to capture the beach at Normandy.

On December 16, 1944, the German army launched the biggest attack the American soldiers had ever seen in what became known as the ____________.

____________ was a German scientist who had been studying how atoms worked, but he left Germany because he was a Jew.

President ____________ decided to use an atomic bomb to force the Japanese to surrender.

The first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of ____________.

Good luck and answers will be given in 3 days!

by John

Support for the 2nd Amendment

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There are many people who are of the opinion that the government should implement more gun control on Americans or that guns should just be taken away from Americans, period. Unfortunately for pro gun-control people, three recent incidents in America and one in China are all supportive of guns. All four of these incidents are connected to the gun issue in some way and in two of the cases, if guns had not been involved, people may very well have gotten injured or killed. There are already strong and sensible arguments for gun freedom and these four news stories all support various such arguments.

The first two stories illustrate perfectly the argument that if guns are taken, crazy people will be just fine with using another weapon of some sort. In the event that a criminal cannot get his hands on a gun, he will be happy to use something else. For example, on April 9, 2014, a sixteen-year-old student at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania stabbed twenty-two other people in the building – twenty-one other students and one security guard. Nobody was killed, but several victims were injured very seriously and required surgery. There was no gun involved, but there was still a lot of blood and violence. In another case, twenty-nine people were killed and over one hundred were injured in China when a gang of criminals armed with knives attacked a rail station. (We’ve already covered this story in our podcast a few weeks ago). Once again, there was no gun involved, but about one hundred thirty people were killed and wounded in the attack. It is possible for violent criminals to use other weapons besides guns, so banning guns would only result in violence with different weapons, assuming the criminals could not get guns off of the black market. There is no point to banning one kind of weapon in an effort to fight violence, because it seems that criminals are fine with using all kinds of weapons.

In fact, on March 25, 2014, one criminal used a syringe as a weapon when faced with arrest for shoplifting in Detroit. Drug addict Joshua Joseph Silva was stealing from a Home Depot when unarmed security tried to arrest him. Silva used a contaminated syringe to stab one of the guards multiple times. Worried that Silva would kill one of the guards, an armed civilian pulled his gun on Silva and ordered him to drop his syringe and get on the ground. In this case, there was a gun involved, but no one was killed. Some people would expect there to be killing just because there was a gun, but that is not what happened. Instead, the person with the gun saved the day and Silva wound up getting arrested. As much as possible, this story had a good ending. The criminal was jailed and the wounded guard was placed under medical care at a nearby hospital, and all because of a concealed pistol that a nearby shopper was carrying. If guns were banned, this story would have turned out differently, and it probably would not have turned out well.

Guns saved the day again in Nevada in April 2014 when a local rancher’s grazing rights were violated by the federal government, specifically the federal agency BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The armed BLM took away the rancher’s cattle and even killed a few. The rancher’s family and locals responded by massing together and marching to where BLM had taken the cattle. With federal snipers overlooking them from a bridge, the crowd was able to take back all the cattle. The only apparent reasons that the federal agents did not fire on the crowd was because there were a lot of supporters for the rancher – (we heard an estimate of one thousand) – some of whom were armed. There was also the presence of media. The cowboys and their supporters were not a hostile crowd – women and children were present; they were simply going to retrieve what belonged to the Bundy’s. In this scenario, guns may have helped to prevent another situation like Tiananmen Square, where a corrupt government crushed peacefully protesting citizens. If the protesters in Nevada had been unarmed and if there had been no media coverage, it is very possible that there would have been a lot of violence. If one side has guns and the other side doesn’t, well, figure out who has total power over the other.

These four news stories, the stabbings in Pennsylvania, the stabbings in China, the armed civilian who saved the day in Detroit, and the armed Nevada cowboys and others who stood up to unjust actions by the federal government, are all examples of why Americans must never give up their right to own and bear arms. Americans must never allow the U.S. federal government to infringe on that right more than it already has. The most important event out of these four is probably the one in Nevada. The 2nd amendment is in our Bill of Rights to ensure that the American people are not helpless against a tyrannical government, should one ever rise. Americans do not have a 2nd amendment so that they can go hunting or even so that they can protect themselves. No, it was put there so that Americans could fight an evil government if the need arose.

Hopefully, people will realize that taking away guns in the name of safety will not help anything and will actually just allow the federal government to exercise total control over the American people.

by Dink

In our local online paper, a reader was complaining about a parking lot at a new library. She was somehow outraged at the parking situation for . . . well, you can read her quote and find out for yourself.

“Has anyone else noticed the parking lot at the new library? There are NO parking spots reserved for expectant mothers, NO parking spots reserved for parents with small children, NO parking spots reserved for the elderly, three parking spots reserved for handicapped and 10 parking spots reserved right out front for … fuel efficient vehicles.
Whose idea was this?”

So according to this reader, parking lots are supposed to reserve spaces for expectant mothers, parents with small children, and the elderly, and she was shocked that there were none. However, we’ve never ever seen a parking lot that did reserve spaces for these kinds of things. They apparently exist, because the reader seemed pretty angry, but they are not everywhere. People cannot expect to have conveniences everywhere they look and be outraged when they are not there. We called this article “How to Complain About Anything” because there was nothing to complain about here, but this person found a way. The only thing I can agree with is that it is a little weird for there to be ten spots reserved for fuel efficient vehicles. That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

by Dink

Whenever our neighbor leaves town, he usually asks us to take care of his farm animals while he’s gone. He has a lot of chickens, a dog, a cat, two fish, a miniature horse, three goats, two ducks, and one turkey. We’ve already explained the morning and evening routines in the article Feeding Our Neighbor’s Animals. It’s a lot of work to tend to them, but he pays us pretty well. We don’t actually expect to get paid. We take care of the animals as a favor, not as a job. So it’s really nice of our neighbor to pay us. To explain the evening and morning routines quickly, we basically just feed and water all the animals. In the morning we let the cat and dog outside, feed and water them, go down to the barn, let the horse and goats out, feed the chickens, ducks, and turkeys, and collect any eggs that may be there. In the evening, we do the exact opposite; put the cat and the dog back in, go down to the barn, feed and water the chickens, ducks and turkeys, collect eggs, and shut the horse and goats up.

Just recently, he asked us to take care of them for four days. We agreed, because it’s usually pretty fun, but today was rather nasty. In the morning it was pouring rain so everything was all muddy. The feeders and water tanks were covered in mud and were quite unpleasant to handle. Then in the afternoon it suddenly got cold and the rain turned into snow/rain. When we went down there in the evening it was freezing and everything was all slushy, not to mention the animals being soaking wet and covered in mud. Speaking of the snow, it was really odd that it snowed. It’s been in the seventies for a while (it was 80 on Sunday), and then all of a sudden it started snowing. It made the whole job a lot more unpleasant, but we don’t get paid for nothing!

by John and Dink