What Do They Want?

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Articles

The month of September, 2015, saw violent rioting by Muslims in both Sweden and Germany. Although both countries readily welcome the Islamic immigrants, more so than any other country and are the most generous welfare states in Europe, Muslims are still rioting. Despite the hospitality of these two countries, property is destroyed and natives are attacked. This situation has received absolutely no coverage from the U.S. media, most likely because the same immigrants will be welcomed on our shores.

The rioters were throwing stones through windows and lighting fires, and once the police came to investigate the fires, they would attack the police. This went on for five consecutive nights in Stockholm, and the riots then spread to Gothenburg and Malmo. The rioters also torched cars, set a police station on fire, kept fire departments from reaching a large fire, and caused the cancellation of several public transportation routes by throwing petrol bombs at buses.

Is this what we want here in the United States? Personally, I would like to keep our country the way it is (or even go backwards a bit); there are already enough riots and shootings as it is. If the leader of the U.S. had any brains, he would stop his country from being infected; sadly, he is the one doing the infecting.

Source: http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/muslim-refugee-riots-ignored-in-u-s-media-blackout/#jtemUivLK7XfOu7i.99

Honey From Our Neighbor

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Articles



We have a neighbor who is a policeman. He also has a lot of animals like goats, chickens, ducks, a pony, dog, and cat. Last year, he added bees to his collection and this year, he presented us with his very own honey.

I also recently read an article about honey. More specifically, what difference it makes what kind of flower the honey comes from. I didn’t even know it made a difference, and I definitely didn’t know all the different flavors and consistencies that honey could get from different flowers. I thought it was really interesting, and I discovered that although clover honey is marketed as really high-quality honey, it’s not the best out there. It’s still good, but mostly, it is (obviously) the most readily available.

So if you are a honey aficionado, you should definitely read the article! Then again, if you were a honey aficionado, you’d probably already know this stuff. So if you aren’t, you should read it anyway!

Anyway, we ran into our neighbor today and he told us that his honey this year was mainly sugar water honey, and a lot of it wasn’t from flowers. Therefore:

-Sugar water honey: very sweet and light honey with an average color.

Still, we are enjoying it a lot and we are thankful for our great neighbors. We hope he is always safe on his patrols.

Blue Morning Glories!

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Yard and Garden

We planted several patches of blue morning glories, and up until last week, none had bloomed. We even wrote about the big mass of leaves and vines that grew around a birdhouse. Although that still hasn’t bloomed, the one in our driveway has, and it’s really nice. The flowers are very large and we’re going to save some seeds so that we can always have blue morning glories.

If you don’t have much time to read, let me put this as quickly as possible.

Do not purchase Valley Food Storage food. There must be something better out there.

As some of you may know, September was “National Preparedness Month”. Everyone was supposed to get together an emergency plan and also have some storable water and food. So, of course, businesses who sell storable food were very happy to bombard people with the message.

We have always had some food put aside (we don’t know anyone who doesn’t), but we decided to try a little bit of those 25 year kinds of food. We saw a review on a blog called “One Hundred Dollars a Month“. The woman who writes the blog seemed to really like this food, so we thought we’d purchase a little to see if we would like it.

It came quickly enough and as with all of their foods, you literally just have to add water and heat it. Therefore, whenever I hear this company name, or any mention of their foods, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Just add water!” I think I’ve heard that in a commercial somewhere or something.

We tried their macaroni and cheese and chicken a la king. Both of these were okay; they tasted fairly normal. We then tried another dish and it was so salty, it was almost inedible. This particular dish was lasagna, and we hoped it was just the lasagna that was bad, but then we tried another dish (Enchilada Beans and Rice or something like that), and it was even saltier.

It’s like they put a block of salt and flavoring into a bag with little else. We had to fix the last dish by adding our own beans and rice to it, and it was still salty after that.

Needless to say, we would not recommend people purchasing from this company based upon our experience. We may try some Saratoga Farms food at some point in the future. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Continuing on about our visit to Philadelphia, as soon as we walked into the apartment building on Saturday, we saw a small heap of paperclips outside the door of our brother’s apartment.

Knowing that our brother has locked himself out of his apartment and broken into his apartment before, we were a bit worried. We unlocked the deadbolt and pushed the door open, only to discover that our brother had indeed apparently locked himself out of his apartment, again.

We heard the story from him: it was the Saturday the “celebrity in white” was in town and he wanted to see all the military presence in the city. Unfortunately he left his keys in all the excitement and unfortunately for him, no locksmiths could drive into the city to reach him.

He waited outside the apartment all day for his neighbors but eventually had to sleep at a friend’s place. In the end, he had to break the door again, which was apparently disturbingly easy.

On Sunday, after we left the dog park, we walked back home. We saw that they are building a new apartment complex, and that there was a lot of trash along the sidewalk. It was actually exceptionally disgusting last weekend, but certain things compensated for it; there were a lot of berries and flowering plants around. We also saw lots of black locust trees, which are very nice. I picked up a few pods off the ground and removed two seeds from them. I’m hoping to make a bonsai black locust!

We saw a bush with orange berries, which was of the Pyracantha genus; bushes in this genus are usually called Firethorn bushes. I believe the specific bush we saw was a cross between a Pyracantha coccinea and a Pyracantha crenatoserrata. This is called a Pyracantha Orange Charmer. It’s very nice!

We saw an interesting evergreen that had what looked like very small green berries growing close to its trunk and branches. I’m pretty sure it was a juniper of some sort. The last remarkable berry we saw looked almost like a dogwood. The berries were medium large, red, and had tiny little spines on them. It is some kind of hawthorn, but I can’t figure out exactly what type.

Lastly, we saw a hummingbird, but it might be hard to spot in the pictures.

One of the best times we had over the weekend was being able to attend 10th Presbyterian Church again. Liam Goligher was preaching and it was very great to hear the words he spoke.