Beginning sometime last night and continuing into the afternoon of today, it snowed. That’s very surprising, if you consider that that’s what the weathermen had predicted for our area.

It was rather warm, so the snow didn’t accumulate a whole lot; it amounted to about 4 or 5 inches. Since it was warm, though, the snow was very wet and thus it stuck to just about everything. That made quite the pretty yard.

At least we didn’t have to shovel!

Since we last wrote about our very first tomato seedling of this year, a lot of things have been planted. Slightly less have sprouted. But the seedlings that have come up so far are:

Sunchocola Hybrid Tomato
California Wonder Bell Peppers
Golden Giant II Sweet Pepper Hybrid
Green Envy Cherry Tomatoes
Braveheart Lettuce
Jalapeno Peppers
Sweet Banana Peppers
Rio Grande Verde Tomatillo
Yellow Cayenne Peppers
Lunchbox Peppers
Basil Plants (for indoors)
Anaheim Chili Peppers
Bull Nosed Large Bell
Golden Acres Cabbage

In general, we have 4-6 of each pepper plant, more of the jalapeno and golden giants. Since peppers take much longer than tomato plants to get mature enough by the time we plant outside, we start these first.

Just about all of the peppers we are planning for our garden have been started. Next to be started in the immediate future are the rest of our tomatoes, onions, and purple tomatillos. My dad and I are going to build a very small greenhouse which will probably be about 6′ x 8′ and hopefully portable. We want to put it on our deck at first for a variety of personal reasons.

Our sister came over yesterday and brought kimchi with her which we enjoyed yesterday with our Asian-themed lunch. Tonight’s supper was kimchi, rice, and roasted seaweed. We get kimchi about once every 2-3 years, but when we have it, we really enjoy it and just eat it with some rice usually.

Dessert was a slice of chocolate bourbon pecan pie. My parents don’t like the taste of bourbon in it very much, but I think it’s partly because they used Jim Beam. Perhaps if we used a higher quality bourbon it would be better. After all, it came in a plastic bottle….

Safeway Monopoly – Winning Big!

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Articles
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After Safeway’s very own version of Green Stamps ended, they came out with a new way to get people to spend more money. This is sort of like the Monopoly promotion that McDonald’s did years ago. It’s based off of the game, Monopoly, and when you spend money, you get little stickers that go on a paper board they give you. The groups of stickers go in alphabetical order from A to Z with an addition of ? and $. There are in general four stamps for each letter, and 8 of both ? and $.

Once you collect all the stamps for one letter/symbol, you can redeem it for a prize, anywhere from $25 cash to $1,000,000 cash. There are also occasionally special bonus codes which you can enter on a website and win something.

Upon entering a code we got, we saw this joyous news:

We were very excited to have won something, but when we looked at what we had won, it turned out to only be two extra game tickets. I thought it was kind of a pathetic prize, but oh well, at least it was something.

Anyway, I’m hoping we get the $ prize – $1,000,000. We have only four more stamps to go!

Nothing like hoping to get something for nothing :)

Costco Trip!

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

DSCF3156Today, our almost annual trip to Costco happened. That means a lot of food! We bought stuff like sugar, coffee, tomato paste, vinegar, and peanut butter, but we also bought fun snacking-type things.

Among other dried fruits and nuts which are not pictured, we bought maple syrup, almond butter, organic peanut butter, cashews, trail mix bars, nutella, trail mix, dark chocolate covered fruits, dried mangoes, dried dates, tamari almonds, roasted seasoned seaweed, salsa, gourmet honey roasted nut mix, and beef jerky!

Maybe a little weird to get excited about this, but when a Costco trip happens, we get food we never get otherwise, so it’s a major treat :)

The Zax

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Articles

ZaxAt my dad’s software-developing workplace, there are two men who work under him. They are not very mature even though they’re both over forty years old. They excel mainly at verbally fighting with each other.

One of the men is lazy and tries to get someone else to do his work whenever possible. When he does do his work, he does it quickly and carelessly. The other claims that he was a computer science prodigy and insists that the only right way to do anything is his way. He’s so proud of his work that he wants everyone’s work to mirror his.

You can see how they might rub each other the wrong way.

The following is a recent interaction:

Prodigy: “Hey, so I tested your changes in the search screen, and it looks good, but I’m still encountering problems.” (This man proceeds to give suggestions for how to fix the problems he ran in to, and does so politely.)

Lazybones: “So fix it if your [sic] so concerned about testing my code.”

Prodigy: “Actually, I’m tired of cleaning up after you. But this is a team and that’s what team members do: help each other. A professional (not to mention polite) response would simply be: thank you.”

Then, Lazybones sent this to my father, who is the lead of the project: “AGAIN, this a##hole is being rude. Thanks for continuing to let it go on.”

Apparently being lead of a project means to babysit everyone else….

Finally, Lazybones said to my dad, “One more thing, if I have a choice in the future I would like to not be on projects with this as#. Once is enough. Thanks.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Two fully grown men.