Organic Stuff vs The Old Stuff

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Articles
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There are a lot of companies out there that make organic stuff: non-GMO, all natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free – you get the point. Everything that’s supposed to be good and healthy. You know, the trendy stuff. There are a lot of companies that make healthy products, and we have tried some of it.

Don’t get us wrong; we like the fact that companies are trying to get away from all the chemicals and other perversions, but if we were honest, some of the organic products just aren’t as good as the old stuff.

Just looking at lotion for now, the organic things do work somewhat, but here in the dead of winter – and it’s been winter for quite some time now with very cold and dry air, they just don’t work as good as say, Jergen’s or Aquaphor. We have a couple of organic lotions on our kitchen counter and in other various places in the house, but after several weeks of severely chapped skin on our hands, we finally went to the drugstore and picked up some good old Jergen’s and Aquaphor (for overnight).

Problem solved. No more dry and chapped hands!

We have the same problem with some organic foods; sometimes they’re just awful! They’re non-GMO and organic, which obviously we love, but they don’t taste good or in the case of chips, sometimes they are way too hard. Not crunchy hard, like break your teeth hard.


Tortilla Chips

What we want to tell companies which make organic products is, great idea! But also try to make your product just as good as the old stuff in terms of effectiveness or taste.

Anyway, we would also like to mention and review one organic food that is really good. It’s actually a tortilla chip made by Late July company.

They’re very light and crispy, they taste really great, and when combined with salsa, they make for quite a distraction, especially if you’re doing math homework. On a scale from one to ten, we’d rate them a ten, and we very highly recommend them! To buy these chips, you can click here.


Our four cucumber plants have really done well so far. They haven’t been affected by fungus gnats (yet), and they’re looking really healthy. So healthy, in fact, that the very unexpected has happened…they’ve made flowers! We know that to pollinate an indoor plant, you just have to touch each of the flowers with the same finger, so that is what we are doing and we’ll see if they actually make any fruit.

big boy hybrid

Burpee Big Boy Hybrid Tomato

brandywine heirloom

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Brandywine OTV Heirloom Tomato

two tomato plants

two tomato plants

tiny mint seedlings

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Mint (spearmint, menthol, peppermint)

We also wanted to show everyone two different kinds of tomatoes we are growing.

One is a Big Boy hybrid tomato and the other is a Brandywine OTV Heirloom tomato.

We wanted to show it to everyone because we are fascinated by the different leaf shapes of the two plants.

See for yourself!

Lastly, we planted our sister’s mint seeds and they came up. They are so tiny, they have to be bottom fed and you have to squint to see them.

Winter is getting a little long now. It wouldn’t be so bad if the sun would just be out, but the dreary, grey skies along with the cold is beginning to get to all of us and we look forward to spring days (some of us not so much looking forward to summer), hopefully with lots of sun!

For everyone still in the dark, cold days of winter, keep your spirits up; nothing lasts forever except eternity.

NOTE: Cucumbers are Burpee Bush Champions

Piano Innards

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Articles, Videos

Everybody in our family except our dad can play the piano. We have an old Steinway walnut baby grand piano in our living room which my mom has had since she was young. It was made in 1968 which, unfortunately, was a bad year for Steinways since they used a different material for the hammers I think which was not deemed a success by the company.

We were thinking of selling it and getting an electric piano, because a baby grand takes up a lot of space, and we also thought we could get a decent amount of money for it. We soon found out that we would only be able to get $2,000 for it even though the buyer would sell it for over $35,000 once he spruced it up. We didn’t want to sell it for that little, so we decided to keep it.

But, in order to find out how much we’d be able to get for it, we had to clean it off, lift the top, get pictures, and look at numbers – all to send to the potential buyer. While we had the top lifted, I wanted to play a few songs and watch the hammers go up and down as I pressed the keys, as well as the pedal damper, and since I couldn’t play and watch them at the same time, I filmed it.

I am playing one of my favorite hymns. Hymns are basically the only thing I really like to play. I am in a choir at a Christian school and wish we sang hymns, but we don’t which is a little odd.

Anyway, I hope you like the video. My camera is making a lot of annoying sounds, sorry.

The hymn is And Can it Be That I Should Gain by Charles Wesley.

Yesterday we watched the 5th episode of Swamp People, called “Feast or Fawn” and since we haven’t done an update on the $10,000 bounty in two weeks, we thought we’d do one today.

After the 5th episode, Junior Edwards is still in the lead to get the $10,000 bounty. These were the entries made over the two episodes:

Joe and Tommy: 10′ even

Liz & husband – 10′ 2″

Jacob & Chase – 11′ 2″

Troy & “Holdy” – 11′ 4″

A lot of the entries were close to the biggest, but not quite. Junior’s first entry, 11′ 6.5″, still beats all of the other entries. Anyway, we thought we’d mention just two things from the episode. First of all, the water in the swamp was high, so a lot of people were going to remote areas to find gators.

Bruce, with his new gun, missed once, so after that, to make sure the alligator was dead, he shot them twice thus earning the name “Bruce 2Pop Mitchell” from Ron. Their boat eventually had a lot of gators in it and it was weighed down, so they wound up making a “Swamp Cooler” which just means they put the dead gators in a pool of water near the bank, in a shaded area, and covered them until they were ready to retrieve them later in the day. That worked real well for them.

Swamp People, if you wanted to check it out, is on History Channel and it streams on Mondays at 9/8 P.M. Central time.

The Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS, has recently been pushing churches to promote Obamacare in their services. Churches were advised to put notes in their bulletins or to make announcements during their services that would advertise the “Affordable Care” Act. HHS put sample announcements on their website, and sample “talking points” and they ended their post with the following: “you are trusted messengers in this community. We hope you share this information with those around you so they can be connected with the care they need.”

The deadline for 2015 enrollment was February 15, so churches will not be promoting Obamacare any more, but according to the HHS website, 5,500 churches had spoken or put government crap in their bulletins . A few places even used Scripture to try to get people signed up, saying that “The Body is a Temple and it Must Be Insured.” This was taken from 1st Corinthians 6:19, which actually says, “…your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…” (KJV).

And that is why we do not go to church. We have not gone consistently for years, and this demonstrates the reason perfectly – we can’t find one which is faithful to Jesus. They bow down to man instead of God. If a church promotes Obamacare, is it really a church? We thought the government was for the “separation of church and state”. Funny how things will go out the window when it doesn’t suit a person.

Source: HHS Pushes Church Talking Points, Bulletins to Promote Obamacare