The fun thing about cities is that there are so many restaurants, probably at least 2 per block in Philadelphia. That is a lot of competition! With so many restaurants, it’s hard to imagine that they can stay in business, but I guess there are just so many people in the city and all with different tastes, that it’s possible.

So that they can further attract people, restaurants put out billboards in front of their establishments on which passers-by can see food choices and specials. It’s interesting to look down a street and see the various advertisements that shops have out and we took pictures of five ads in short order.

In our small town, we only have a choice of McDonald’s, Burger King, fried chicken, Taco Bell, and a couple of other small restaurants. Well, there are obviously a lot more restaurants in the city than in the suburbs, but I think I prefer homemade food to anything else. How about you?


Our mom has two flowers in various gardens that are really interesting – the balloon flower and the Chinese Lantern. Both of these plants make flowers like balloons. As the names should suggest, the balloon flower is a round flower with a a hollow inside, and the Chinese Lantern is also like that.

It’s really interesting that these plants form flowers with hollow insides. So why write about them? Well, it’s just another exotic flower, like the bleeding heart that we’ve also written about. We think it’s quite amazing that a flower’s petals can form a balloon. In the pictures, the Chinese Lanterns are not “ripe”. When they are, they are a reddish-orange and very striking.

Anyway, we hope you like the pictures and are able to take time out in your busy lives to notice things that don’t even seem to matter. It’s relaxing to look at interesting things without any end goal at all don’t you think?

During the Second Dynasty of Egypt, Egyptians worshipped Osiris as the god of the underworld and Horus, Osiris’ son, as the god of the living. It wasn’t always this way though. In the First Dynasty, Osiris was the god of the living but his brother Set, who was jealous of Osiris’ power, drowned him in the Nile. Osiris had a sister (who was also his wife) named Isis who went looking for Osiris. She found his body and was able to revive him long enough to become pregnant. Then Osiris died and became the god of the underworld.

During Osiris’ life as the god of the living, he went across the sky during the daytime in a boat. His power was always visible. He was the king of the sun, moon, and stars. And because Osiris travelled across the sky in a boat, the First Dynasty kings had fleets of boats buried next to them. The Egyptians thought that the First Dynasty kings would join Osiris in his passage across the sky.

Interestingly enough, buried beside one of the First Dynasty king’s grave were not boats, but a herd of sacrificial mules. Well, he obviously wouldn’t be going across the sky with Osiris, so where do you think he was going to go with the mules? Too bad we don’t have the answers to mysteries from the distant past.

Someone could make some great movies about the ancient Egyptian gods as they lived very interesting and colorful lives. They’ve done a lot of the superhero comics, why not Egyptian gods?

Recently, we ran out of the cardboard egg cartons from the store to put our fresh eggs in. We had given away some eggs in some of the cartons and the rest were just plain old worn out. For awhile we were using bowls but since we like having a system in place to know which eggs are the oldest and having multiple large bowls in the fridge took up too much space, we looked for and found two types of plastic egg cartons online which we wanted to buy.

Plastic egg cartons are good because since the plastic is hard, you can stack things on top of them. One of the egg cartons we purchased is made by InterDesign. It is made from BPA-free clear plastic and holds 21 eggs, which fits perfectly in the door. The other container we purchased is made by Lock & Lock and only holds 12 eggs. The InterDesign carton has a semi-worthless top as it is not held down by anything and the Lock & Lock top is just a little much. All four sides lock down on your eggs. It definitely won’t come open by mistake and is good for traveling with.

Overall, these cartons are just what we wanted and we are pleased with our purchases. Both cartons are able to handle jumbo size eggs easily as well. If you get duck-sized eggs, you might possibly have a problem locking the top of the Lock & Lock carton, but other than that you shouldn’t have a problem.

On a scale from one to ten, we’d rate both of them a ten. To buy the 21 egg container, click here. To buy the 12 egg container, click here.

Do This ASAP

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Articles

DSCF2246Our mom heard about a website today called “Do This ASAP”.

It is a place where you can literally ask anything, give them your email address, and then actual people research it and send you an answer. Answering questions isn’t the only thing they do, though. They’ll also send you pictures if that’s what you ask for, send you product links, or even edit pictures you send them if you need something special done to it which you cannot do yourself.

It’s also completely free! We have no idea how they can make this service free, but there is no charge whatsoever and there aren’t even any ads on the website. Since actual people answer your questions, they probably hire workers, but we don’t know how the website brings in any revenue.

In any case, it’s a very interesting website and today I asked them, “What is the best crystal vitamin C you can get on the market today?” This question was asked at 11:30am. Though it did take them some time, they sent me an email with a link to a product on Amazon at 2:53pm. I imagine whoever received my question had to do some research, but my mom thinks they just went to Amazon and found what had the best rating. What a skeptic.

Whatever their methods, this site is useful and my mom has used them a lot today. Most of her requests were taken care of within 2 hours. She was asking for designs and tag lines and while she isn’t using what they suggested, it was helpful to have other ideas.

The link to their website is, and the link to the crystal vitamin C is here.