Our snow here was disappointing because the useless meteorologists had originally predicted 3-5 inches of snow, and as the day went on and nothing happened, they changed the forecast to accommodate the increasingly boring weather. Why do we still let them get our hopes up?

Anyway, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has something to say about the weather. It isn’t a day-to-day forecast, but it’s something that predicts long-term weather forecasts. Here is what it says:

Always expect a thaw in January.

Fog in January brings a wet spring.

He who drops a coat on a winter day will gladly put it on in May.

If on January 12th the Sun shine, it forshows much wind.

Every bit just as good or better than the ridiculously wrong predictions of the weather men. How they can be so wrong all the time and yet continue to make predictions is jaw-dropping.

Well, it’s not as if they were before, right? I mean, they’ve already been neglected for some time. But now I guess you could say it’s official, or rather, there’s now a program not to deport “undocumented” persons. Jeh Johnson, the director of DHS, introduced a program for “deferred action,” which basically means that for a two year period, any illegal may be legal in the U.S., if they sign up for the program.

In addition, Johnson said that illegals who qualify for his deferred action will also be qualified to legally work under an Obama edict.

Jeh (that is a real name in and of itself) further says, ““We will no longer accept where we have probable cause to believe the person is undocumented. We will no longer put a detainer on that person, which led to a lot of litigation.”

Well, a lot of people have probably said a lot of things on this topic, but what we want to know is, do we still have a country here in America? How many prosperous countries out there do not enforce their immigration laws? How many countries out there say, “Yes, you aren’t a citizen of our country, but no problem, come on in. Who needs to become a citizen anymore? Work here, get whatever benefits you need here, go to school free here, get your health care here, our country is your country. Oh, and if there is something we do which offends you (like wearing a t-shirt with an American flag on it), guess what? We’ll stop doing it! How’s that sound?”

A long time ago, we saw a picture of Russian soldiers (we guess that’s what they were) marching some illegal immigrants right on out of their country. No litigation. No fun and games. Just out they went.

Isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be? Are all the good Americans working hard and doing creative and excellent things with themselves while the idiots continue taking up positions of “leadership”?


Source: Criminal DHS Director Jeh Johnson Says The Days Of Enforcing Immigration Law In The United States Are Over

BigfootYoLegends of mythical creatures originate from a lot of places, and there are tons of them out there. America definitely has its fair share of them. In fact, America has at least 32 documented monsters! I didn’t even know that. Of course, there’s Bigfoot and the Honey Island Swamp Monster, but besides those two, I haven’t heard of the other monsters on this article’s list. It’s interesting to see what strange creatures have been identified, even if it is unclear whether they are real or not.

Anyway, I thought this was a little interesting: I’ve noticed that a lot of them are large hairy shapes, if not water-dwelling Loch Ness Monster type things.

Beware. Frightening monsters are all around us!

The Benefit Of Bad Cars

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Articles
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For a long time, we’ve owned some pretty bad cars with the exception of our great Ford van. We had been buying our cars from a man in the next town for $2,000 – $4,000 each. We purchased a nice Honda Civic, which was stolen 2 weeks after we moved to Philadelphia. Then we purchased a Ford Focus and a Nissan Sentra.

The cars broke down occasionally, and the threat of a breakdown loomed over us whenever we took any of the cars a long way from home so we realize that it’s best just to have good cars, but right now, we can’t quite afford that since we need several cars. There are a lot of kids here who need cars but don’t have enough money to buy them all by themselves. So, cheap is the way we are going right now.

Recently, we lost two of our cars. The Nissan Sentra was totaled in an accident (no one hurt) and the engine blew in the Ford Focus. The Nissan Sentra was going to be Dink’s car as soon as he got his license, so that was too bad.

Luckily (or unluckily as the case may be), the man at the auto shop down the street where we took our Ford Focus, was selling his son-in-law’s silver Chevy Cavalier for him. It has 170,000 miles, but the auto shop man put in a newer engine – how new he didn’t know – and he was asking $2,000 for it. We took it. He’s a semi-friend of our dad’s and this will be Dink’s first car. It will also only be driven very locally.

So that replaced our Nissan Sentra and then our dad bought a Nissan Maxima to replace our Ford Focus. It’s a 2001 model, with around 80,000 miles on it. The whole back seat can open out into the trunk, and it has a sunroof! Perhaps my enthusiasm is misplaced? I’m hoping this will be my first car when I get my license.

Anyway, why did we name the article “The Benefit of Bad Cars”? Because when they get totaled, you get the excitement of getting a new one! Always look at the bright side of things! Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy riding in and examining new cars, and I only lose interest after about a month.

Tonight at supper Dink said, “What the heck. I went to work this morning and when I come back home, we’ve got two new cars!” :) Both cars put together didn’t even cost $10,000.00. That’s better than our last two cars. The last time our two cars put together didn’t cost $7,000.00. Moving up in the world we are.

Does anyone else live like this or is it just us?

By the way, there is no picture of the Cavalier because we don’t actually have it yet.

A U.S. Farmer named Kirk Bair grows GMO crops, but won’t eat them.

Like other farmers in the U.S., he grows them to reduce his workload and to be able to grow food economically. And come on. Without having to buy equipment to spray herbicides or the herbicides themselves, you know it saves them money.

At the same time, he knows that GMO crops are bad for people. Still. he grows and sells them.

Why are GMO foods bad for you? Among other reasons, Kirk Bair says they’re bad for you because they are infused with herbicides (it’s why they don’t need to spray their crops), but that comes with the unfortunate consequence of the consumers ingesting those very herbicides.

A farmer who grows GMO crops, knows they’re dangerous to everybody’s health, but grows and sells them anyway, to save money, reduce work, and grow them “economically.” There’s something wrong with that, isn’t there?

He’ll knowingly sell dangerous crops to us but won’t eat them himself. Kind of like all those people concerned about global warming flying around in their private jets while telling us to cut back, do without, sacrifice.

This guy even supported a California GMO label initiative saying, “People need to know what they’re eating. People want to know what they’re eating.”

But he then grows it. I’m a little confused. Are you confused too?

Source: GMO Farmer: ‘I won’t eat my own crops’